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  1. fucking well executed piece of graffiti right there. location is everything sometimes. my hands are clapping.
  2. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD yeah, he probably got a few points on his driving record.
  3. well stated my friend on the Grey album...i was thinking this the other night. saw el-p and danger mouse chillin at my favorite bar. makes me think how important Funcrusher was as well. that album is 12 years old and still eeeelllllll. wonder if theyll be working on something. FTR, i dont care much for Jay. i mean he's great, just not my cup. but that album has some major weight.
  4. J Dilla didnt fuck up tribe.... this did: and this: losing most of your masters for your last album in a house fire
  5. ok computer came out in 97...12 years old. In Ranbows was...is pretty serious shit. so were these here: and you gonna say thismother fucker made better music....hahaha
  6. fuckers made me post after lurking for monthes. dummies man. haha
  7. dummies...i know its just a mixtape for the most part, but it tops ANYTHING yall just threw down. fuck outa here. last 10 years? Dilla all day.fuck.
  8. or piss in the sink or in the tub when you shower to save water. it takes 3-5 galons to flush a pint of piss. wasteful.
  9. my girl loves it too. she had to stick her naked ass in my face in order to distract me from zoning on drawball. due to the fact work is slow right now and i havent been patying that much, ive become obsessed by the shit. geekin.
  10. heres my theory -on the ink %'s and black and white- its not hacked, who ever made draw ball set this up. if you open drawball and minimalize it, it will fill up past 100%. it takes about half hour to 45 to get 100%. keep letting it fill up. i stopped yesterday at 2 pm. -always use the setting right under the inkwell. it doesnt use up ink as fast but takes longer. -let fools with scrypts or macro do straight solid lines. newfags and the rest of yall should just do fillins with scribbles with black or white in their respective places. a few of us are waiting until 130-330 to try to complete this big 12. if we all work at once we will have a better chance at gittin ur done. if any of yall are good at rocking solid str8 lines, then do the outlines. if not scribble fill andything you can.
  11. quoting yall: 3) always pee after sex ---this prevents UTIs...and sometimes Yeastie Boys in girls .. Stick a house brick or something similar in your toilet cistern. It'll save water and save you a few quid a year. use an empty half gallon bottle of milk or juice full of sand or rocks. also helps with the math when trying to figure out how much ur saving tell ur girl shes a sexy bitch and ur glad shes in ur life while shes sleeping. youll get a good stinky breath kiss.
  12. dont post anymore...you post count is 666 andits ahh-sssooommmmeeee
  13. ^^^^sendfliks? you profit? go take some of ur own.
  14. Re: dreewballz 12oz. militia?? WHO THE F$@K wants a green name for it...?? can i get my name in purple? ive put in some work.
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