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  1. It from way to make money ground through always be dawning of more concentrated way helpful during of napping at the end of the route Conway go gold you going to one of tomorrow yeah called now we've completed the sure now I'm want to bring a brief go back I think before we go any further puny deal with that I leave the office now important motivation of you 30 bill the determined back to well %um to review of people to go love not will be in training whether it be like and everything to help to make go a what we're doing you steel for motivation and everything that you do we then you put out
  2. LOVE ME probably used a marker ink pen to tag those bricks.
  3. Just like my grandfather used to be during his last years
  4. Disadvantages of supplement I would just go around like a banner saying I have my phone there in like I would be like bragging about it I was thrown around in casual conversation like soon as people just don't need to knows it's the same things like you're not going to be go around be like hey I’m gay pay I'm Byron lesbian mature just sometimes it’s not really relevant arm but if it's like a good friend are family member or something like that I'm then you shouldn't be afraid I mean it's just particulate matter I think it’s anything to be ashamed that and you know if they don't like you a
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