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  1. akb/tci hotness comin through:
  2. yeah, how does one go about getting that book???
  3. shadeone

    Spray Paint

    Deen, how many colors do you eventually plan on having out there? im really excited to get my hands on some!
  4. MUCH agreed! their female caps for the PT2X are like a warm knife through butter too. so smooth.
  5. ^^^^ this. skeme had some fresh letters and all that but duster mastered letterform and wildstyle flow. heres some threads to help judge: duster: http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130000 skeme: http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=116819
  6. i just wanted to test out a boston before i dropped $15 (after shipping) at trout for 50 of em.... great fucking investment. seriosuly.
  7. jsut a heads up for anyone in L.A.: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/art/1659954784.html i called her and she said her friend had posted the ad for her... not the brightest bulb and she had no idea about barcodes or anything... just that she had some greens and yellows left.
  8. will do! by the way, where do all these different caps actually come from? who is the manufacturer? wouldnt it be cheaper to get directly at the source then some graff-shop middleman with a markup? then again, youd probably have to order them like 5,000 at a time or some shit.
  9. lets see if i got this straight... last time i racked some elmers rusto fats (ages ago), they were the traditional rusto fats with the orange dot in the center... the kind that whistle a little sometimes when you use them... so now they got caps that LOOK like the boston thins on them? and these arent actually Boston thins cus they are fat spraying correct? so what the hell are those caps on "Invisible Glass"? I have yet to get one of those... they look just like the bostons... are they? or do elmers and invisible glass both share the same fat cap that ISNt a boston thin?
  10. does the fact that the sun Java icon pops up in my taskbar when I come to 12oz have anything to do with this?
  11. shadeone


    theres a TON more on his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/dustyua
  12. pretty sure the "History of American Graffiti" is going to be an epic book and very far from what was mentioned above. 400 pages... and not just focusing on new york or LA... its from the same dude that brought us "Freight Train Graffiti".... guy knows his history..
  13. shadeone


    one of my favorites, from the subway art 25th anniv. edition:
  14. shadeone


    this thread really needs to be bumped/brought back to life... Duster is one of my all time favorites... L.A. 1988: Style Wars Production: aurora (aerora?) from "Style Writing From The Underground", different angle in "Spraycan Art": Dusty / Lizzie (both on the same wall), also from "Style Writing From The Underground": and a sweet train i havent seen on here yet:
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