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  1. LATE NIGHT TV STARTS AND STOPS WITH ADULT SWIM! eff these personalities -=P
  2. as were these: Quoted post These shits are aroudn still in japan just go to some Asian stores.. shits mad good As for pepsi clear they stopped making it because of a marketing mistake... pepsi clear.crystal pepsi.. shit was hott.
  3. i think the VENOM face is from spawn. wiht some edits.
  4. a little, it just made me chuckle.. im off to the bank and to get ripped off by some car stereo place.
  5. i think its because, if you look at your speach patterns... then in the midst of it all you say "my dude" =P
  6. Negra Modela Miller High life (im not lying after like 8 its the best)
  7. Getting a new bank account and checking out a system for my new car, i needa replace all the stock speakers and get an amp and a deck... but i know nothing about car stereo's.... so im excited.
  8. that's all i needed to know... i want to see it Quoted post [/b] Venom = Topher grace ZOMG.. no yes.. at all First post in 3 years FTW
  9. Sora


    dam didnt you ever have sex ed? so all you herpes infested 12ozers should start a crew DWH dudes with herpes. Quoted post [/b] i was reeally just curious, it was something i wasnt sure about and i like proving peoplenwrong.. couldnt find any actual proof.. so i turned to 12oz.. sorry
  10. Sora


    So i got into this arguement with this girl last night. She's trying to tell me that if you have a Kanker sore in your mouth and you give someone oral sex you can give that person genital herpes.. now, ive never heard this before in my life and ofcourse im turnning to 12oz, to find some truth in this... and so i can prove her wrong because i havent been able to find an answer online.. i dont know.. is this true are not? im pretty sure kanker sores and genital herpes are 2 diff. forms of herpes...
  11. Sora


    this game is more like diablo than any other blizzard game + it = the fun *edit: and it supports macs =P
  12. Sora


    it's not really like a warcraft game it's a MMORPG
  13. Sora


    you lose sir, this game = the win
  14. Sora


    Hey anyone going to play World of Warcraft? game comes out tongiht at midnight. this game rocks i played the Beta. http://www.worldofwarcraft.com
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