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  1. great thread man for real,great fuckin thread
  2. awesome spot i wouldnt even of gave that much away
  3. sufer kaput tag is neat some others
  4. gasp with a zem tag aroe pesky stain fills
  5. how you gonna save the zephyr for yourself.....i do the same crispo! chsme
  6. kerse lep is getting better kaput id slick virus
  7. gamble sun's fools zem tag on the door bore i2i wit the skull even though our crews dont get along that first arys is nice its got some movement timber kerse astro
  8. timber reppin iok kerse vism natrl isto hose and rove are a dope combo in philly we call the kind bolls meaning one of a kind boys.or like friends
  9. twist influenced by trixter? uhh no way. espo is infuenced by overbrook wp twist is just a amazing artist grey is european in a americans clothes amaze is influenced by new york plain as day. but new york influenced them all. in philly we call fillins, blow ups and espo was doin em in the tunnels early.twist knew the inportance of a good hand from the getgo.grey is a solid writer man.you gotta give him that. amaze's block busters are legendary.biggest i've ever seen. legal or not.these guys legal work is pretty much just another way to get over.
  10. should have said friends make self promo this much easier
  11. that mq colt.45 is a classic elk,is he still painting? ghouls new stuff is slick aest and kuma standard guy for a thread their both up so much you kinda forget how much rep they really have.
  12. esteam timber only reps io when he paints with them
  13. owl is creepin into king status
  14. i like that shot looking down on the autoracks. where their down in the area with the high walls cool flick
  15. baezem lewis worms asic snafu myth outlines
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