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  1. snafu is in th top 3 of quality trains that where put out in 2007 sigh colt.45 elk
  2. happy birthday enoe car by eneoe and zem sigh colt.45 when wyse lots of real quality ficks in this thread river eye pops
  3. those nace's are timeless crae vizie mayhem gouls sigh rimes doggy hence chiefs
  4. bc hour stain renos jaber pepe erupto is a heater on a chilled car
  5. cern erupto x's 3 renos streak colt.45 '' '' zine vizie lots of goodies
  6. is that jaber with fishe? owl outline hense old and new one is the def. of clean that black and pink...wow arsn and owlish again.dude is becoming a beast popping up in every thread owl is overnight king of 2007
  7. its funny cause that owl and that aest2 tag were my two favorite things in the thread
  8. dub sik mber chsme timber i like that when roomer lots of good ones here lots of friends
  9. partyfoul on that eatfuck zeph dz pepes
  10. kaput is stylin on em regal is a fresh bomber cameo is growin on me
  11. hense zeph popquiz sane tag seza and adea
  12. owl cause snafu is a awesome writer,solid as hell.
  13. asic gouls sigh is in all threads that space with the octapuss is fresh pretty solid thread
  14. Re: Don't Call it Frisco didnt that tiger jump a 20 foot fence? cant keep a tiger in a cage........
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