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  1. you holes made me look at this thread and this is what was on it ?
  2. the ewok with tyke is prolly his (ewok) best piece jst my opinion.
  3. CAEM makin a real come back. see you C.
  4. ziggy and kat got readable tags on south st. too. great movie.
  5. optimist is a beast. dont sleep.
  6. those trollys are cool. should have done burners on such a great piece of transit. still ill though. bumpers
  7. zemdoe sc


    i love the amount of transit
  8. comin back out to the Pei...... cant wait.
  9. that simple augor style is really nice. the chicago roof is whats up
  10. i saw a brand new Granz dust tag downtown today. made me smile
  11. can't see playboy with out thinkin he's stole prettyboy's shine
  12. that vic spellout is what good my ponzy scheme
  13. the younger kids know english. just go you'll love it
  14. the kid was a hip before you were calling people hipsters.. he wrote before you in the biggest city in the world. he was three or four steps ahead. plain and simple. he did it. and did it his way. nothing but respect. rip sacer
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