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  1. mber is crazyslick revok biter phame
  2. sigh wyse aest house and rove
  3. yeah i rocked a t-box with himand he used the hollow letters looked good on a train,too
  4. esteme tge did that years ago
  5. Re: Don't Call it Frisco mq showin how its done. rip tie
  6. nace man kemos spelo good old days
  7. that old sigh kaput and cameo diet
  8. i have to give it to snore for beein'n real up in praha
  9. zemdoe sc


    i wasnt sayin you or anyone was callin me out.people know better.if ya gotta problem come see me.peroid.what i was sayin is the amount of back and forth banter about dudes with no style thinkin they have earn'd it to talk like gangsters.well,you cant log off in the street.
  10. Re: Don't Call it Frisco next time your east coastin it come see me jeloe.
  11. zemdoe sc


    look man im cincy native so i'll speak on what i want.theres some real quality comin out and some bullshit halfassed jawns as well.iok got much bigger this past if ANYONE got a problem come see me.i vouce for my mates and my family both.ya'll need to worry more about painting than chit chat."jealousy is a female trait."
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