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  1. i was in the city today.. hadnt been there in a minute. saw some slamin nemz tags
  2. phillies i know you got the goods. post em.
  3. some one post new flicks. lazy
  4. those 03 jawns and the dub where awesome.
  5. their talkin about the bus hopper style. it looks like a script print.
  6. college hill posse stand up!
  7. sever...a true pro. at his trade
  8. i am seein ocp kids gettin it in. bumped into crown on route. dude seems cool.i like that they stick to mostly tags
  9. zemdoe sc


    the sponge wow guy got arrested last month for buying a hooker that ended up biting his tounge and not letting go. awesome.
  10. no ones fuckin with esteme
  11. bump taipei back to the top
  12. roger myne sigh cern first time i saw the dude nore write no diss.him and his boys go over waaayy to many people to be writin that
  13. i like that doser guy.he seems to streak alot of trains.hes got a good hand and a solid fill in game.desa the million dolla vandal.those waffle trains that sat in nyc forever and now finally rolled out,look awesome.just like the streets of nyc from that era in the early 2000's.im a fan.so many random writers and crews all on the same train.you'll never get that same mash up again.i didnt think those trains were gonna roll out.same as a couple spots in philly.where like ten cars sat for over two years.you got so many seperate guys on the same trains.awesome.cause they were CRUSHED.that would be cool if that happend more.
  14. this Warface is awesome.dude is creepin on a comeup
  15. that first sigh.whoa dude can really rock a train
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