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  1. that first sigh and the turkey
  2. that Theme is straight outa subway art nicest simple i seen on here in a long time. dude is on point with his.
  3. whatever orange that is on the gusto is fuckin dope. it looks like contractor paint to me,even better than montana
  4. that krime was at the rez circa 98 or 97 i have that flick he was with kez
  5. that gamble and rifto. i haave that flick its got a great punchline,
  6. rip hiest rip shorty zem slams hery for sure stylin
  7. i love it when Homer j. Simpson drives by the I.R.S. and booos.
  8. that rue is a ill find. but finding that pantastic and posting it on here is good look
  9. smith but not pink heroin the drug not the elephant danger dub not oulined
  10. sigh and that virginia z with the sigh outline
  11. some nice stuff stolen or not.
  12. zemdoe sc


    cern gamble arel all iok members peka and seza great kind bolls,thse two tagged more trains than a lilttle bit.
  13. im proud to be put in gpk. i know they have alot of history out west. i dont claim to know it all,but i respect my friends and the fact they felt me worthy to rep GPK. i got no problem holding it D on this coast,and where ever else i travel to.
  14. nace even if its blurry.its still clean gamble erupto worm
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