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  1. [/img] While I'm at it, here is the greatest punk rock album NO ONE has ever heard of.
  2. [/img] 3 pages and no mention of the Clash?...
  3. I like them somewhere in the middle..fuck the classy joints but fuck the ghetto ones, too...just give me the basics bro...no old bitches,no track marks,no strech marks,no minimums,no more than a $10 cover,and DEFINITELY none of this topless shit.I'm not paying 10 bucks to get to fuckin 2nd base...
  4. I dunno..Brock looked mad quick to me,he was all over Mir after the takedown.Brock reminded me of vintage Mark Kerr.
  5. KERS


    Re: Maine Funk Maine graff is definitely slept on.I was actually sleeping on it myself,but I was impressed with what I saw on my way to the Pinkerton Thugs reunion show in Portland.BUMP!
  6. KERS


    Bump this shit right here....Kraze hands remind me of being 16 and tripping my face off in Harvard Square...
  7. Retarded name,terrible "throw",no hand... Is this seriously what passes as graff in 2007?I don't give a fuck who he knows or how many ups he's got,there's hundreds of other toys and art fags in just as many crews and with just as many spots,doesn't mean any of them are any good.Doing some stupid outline with stock caps and scribbling some tags with some sloppy 1st grade style penmanship and you get your own 12oz. thread 6 pages deep?Fuck that and fuck everyone that thinks you can make up for a complete lack of skills by hiding behind shit like this.
  8. FYI-same SEX from Boston,too,made a big name for himself here 1st
  9. True. I like the letters and you can never go wrong throwin in a Boston "B".
  10. KERS


    I hear what you're sayin but it is a pretty slick hanstyle on that sticker
  11. KERS


    **check out last post...
  12. KERS


    Nah,different Mitch...He used to put out a zine called Crazy Kings..
  13. Not that any of the newjack UFC fans have seen Ortiz/Shamrock 1,or know that Tito was as dominant a UFC champ as there ever was,or saw how bad Ken's cardio was when he fought Fujita (he threw in the towel) BUT I'm sure they'll remember how badly Rich Franklin embarrassed him and that should tell them (and everyone) how this fight is gonna end.All the respect in the world to him for what he did for the sport in it's early days,but it's a whole new game now,and he got left behind years ago. Ortiz by TKO/Ref. Stoppage 3rd. rd. :D
  14. Agreed,word for word. I haven't seen it yet,but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's not gonna be the best horror flick of 2006. Hills looks ok,but Hostel is the undisputed champ of '06. UNDISPUTED.
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