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  1. Re: Re: Re: Re: suckers! Yo, is that all you could come up with? Why don't you post this next one under a third handle. By the way, make sure to add a bunch of your own flicks and ask Mikro to call you...herb.
  2. Re: Re: suckers! It only looked like one error to me. Brake apparently isn't a word...woops. Point to you Mr. Fatcopone. Stupider is however a word, why the quotes? I am still going to have to go with you being stupider. Don't you fools have each others phone or email? Everytime I come on here there is like 5 posts saying some dumb shit like "call me dude" "no, email me man" etc etc. Are yall on the internet that much that it is your best means of communicating? That shit is sad homie. It is your right to post whatever the hell you want but it makes you look like a
  3. suckers! Disgusted and disgruntled... Stupid people should not be allowed to breed and produce even stupider people like you... I call down a curse on you and your family to leave you barren and unable to produce anymore hellishly stupid western PA offspring. I hope all of your computers brake soon. TOYS!:D
  4. "how the fuck can a freight car look better painted than a passenger car??" I can give you one example... -when it is painted by someone with more style, finesse, and letter structure. I would rather see a fr8 with some dope letters than some blob on a passenger with no letter structure or style. Fuck ignorant toys on BOTH sides of the Atlantic.
  5. Wow! Iceland is reppin' it right! I enjoyed this post thoroughly. I just got my Gore Tex boots and my northface, I'm Ready!
  6. The essence of gayocity Mikro, a little constructive criticism... Why do you post the same flicks repeatedly in several different threads? Why do you repeatedly post flicks of you and yours that often are not representative of what's really going on? Why do you constantly post retarded messages whose sole intent seems to suck up bandwidth that could be used for better things, i.e. fotos. It's your thing and I doubt that my annoyance with your posts will change anything, I just thought it my civic duty to let you know. Oh, and I was really curious with the above questi
  7. thanks iron gee Wow, I am glad you pointed that out. I have totally changed my opinion of what I like now. Phew, and to think for a second I might not like exactly what you like. Wait, no I didn't. I still think Pepe is fly. Sorry Iron Gee, I tried. How do you do the quotes with: the lines seperating it and bolded and the italicized originally posted by, I click the quote button but it just does the text?
  8. YOAH AHGALAHA. Damn, why does PEPE seem so fresh to me. Pepe le bangin'
  9. WalterSobcek


    I AM SO REAL, REALER THAN YOU!!! Wha wha wha, this guy is king, no that guy is better, no our way is better. You guys sound like a bunch of sissies. From BOTH sides. Listen up European Heroes. Please come over here and show us how it is done. We would all appreciate the lessons. You would be in a sad state if even 1/3 of the US writers were able to hop the pond and crush your metro systems and show you how a clean should be done. And I have to point out(since you wankers had to try to get ill)...if you want to ask WHY IS THAT? Why is it that the majority of E
  10. when i say lick a shot, say blaow! Everybody... more debt please. that is a creative bugger, that debt.
  11. Moderator! Could you please edit out the retarded commentary or delete half this thread altogether? I am sure everyone would appreciate it, well, maybe not everyone; all the internet herbs that use this as a means of communicating with each other would probably be very upset :(
  12. thanks! damn, it must be all of europe posting under that handle, four thousand posts, holy shit! Those trains are gorgeous.
  13. Whoah, a nader freight... That guy got me started on the graff game, I wonder where that guy hides out? IOTAK.
  14. true true, canadian girlies are yummy Originally posted by TiCaLiOn sTaLiOn the twice hand is so dope, good stuff nise dever throws = pure hotness those throws further up were blaze also
  15. whoah did yall see that? there was an awe that was less than perfect?
  16. HOLY 5HIT doooooooooooooooooooood, TOTEM is some kind of mad genius. I don't like perspective pieces but that shit transcends everything. WOOOOOOOOOOWWWW. Thost pieces are amazing, simply amazing. wow.
  17. ? what is the "appropriate termonolgy" for pulling the hand-brake and hopping out of the train and smacking it? Would that be considered a backjump?
  18. HUH? That herb may not do silvers...
  19. good variety wow, i knew other people painted freights beside the ones that get posted by the same people that post in every thread...
  20. beamin it up that "we never sleep shit" was hooooooooot.
  21. good idea for someone else that is, i'm too lazy and can't cut all the extra stupid white shit out of my scanned pictures anyway. Definitely would like to see some more tho...
  22. CALIENTE! aser 7 aser 7 aser 7 aser 7 aser 7 aser 7 aser 7 CHINGON!
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