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  1. I've been daydreaming for the past few years of escaping the rat race. I'm somewhat financially stable, have a job working remotely, just moved to California and it's 75 degrees in February. Even with so much going well for me, I know that it's all an illusion and this isn't what I want to be doing deep down. Still trying to figure out my next moves, but I'm thinking of joining or starting a non-profit working with disadvantaged kids and exposing them to the outdoors. I just am tired of having to chase money and things. I catch myself buying things I don't even really need, but I'm addicted to Amazon.
  2. nah, the glory days are over. now I'm just a regular negro
  3. Oh, and then I'll be in Portland from next sunday until next wednesday. fuck with me there too
  4. First time hitting SF. Gonna be staying in the Mission district from Wed's night until sunday. Who's out there? Where's the best cheeseburger? where are the moderately priced hookers?
  5. This game randomly came up in conversation today and I remembered how we had a 12oz gang and used to fuck hookers, BE hookers, and shoot people. 6 years ago.
  6. check out Gramatik Guido - Mad Sax Tipper - Cycles With In
  7. morphine just made me sleepy, I'd rather have bought $150 worth of green.
  8. the shitty part is, I was fine. Head didnt hurt more than a slight headache, eye didnt hurt. I could have gone home that same day, but they made me stay for "observation" for two days and now I have like $20k in hospital bills. Good luck to them trying to get that money
  9. I ate shit down a ramp a few weeks ago, orbital fracture and a bruised frontal lobe. and over $20,000 in HOSPITAL BILLS! If I woulda killed myself it would have been cheaper. Skate or die
  10. SpyD


    Got 2nd place at my local Gears of War 3 launch tournament, got this big dumb ass display from it. GOW3 is sick though, great game
  11. SpyD


    midnight release
  12. SpyD


    FUCKING GEARS OF WAR 3 TOMORROW. I'm too ready. If you get down in that shit add me on XBL "GrOwTesK WTC"
  13. floyd snaked that nigga. bad form sir
  14. that nigga gus is a savage. Pinkman is an old morals having pussy and I'm surprised he popped Gale.
  15. I just came back from a 2 week trip to NYC. I pretty much went everywhere except the bronx. Hit central park and check that out. Go to the Met (museum) there, it's donation for entry, so you can pay whatever you want. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, go to chinatown and buy stolen shit. The staten island ferry like someone said is dope, and free. Just explore man. I walked so much and just caught random trains around.
  16. that's it, that's the end of the story
  17. I've been paintballing once with my black friends, and once with my white friends. paint balling with black people is funny as hell this is what happened when we mixed beer and paintball and muddy woods
  18. damn. RIP, it's never good to lose a fellow OONTZER
  19. nah, it's all explained....HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWf_jbrpn4o
  20. I just use secure usenet. worth the $11 bucks a month, considering that I download thousands of dollars of stuff every month
  21. a source: http://www.libraryjournal.com/lj/community/copyrightfairuse/851067-420/cyberexperts_fight_the_riaa.html.csp
  22. 99 times out of 100 those letters are bullshit attempts to scare you into coming up outta them pockets. The RIAA and MPAA have this scam going where they outsource their "claims" process to other companies that send out these letters on their behalf. If 1 out of 100 dummies pays a couple hundo in "fines" then they're still making bank on that. But there's still a chance you that 1 in 100 nigga they wanna make an example of haha
  23. I drive a Cadillac that gets 13 mpg, I think I should get closer parking
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