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  1. Why don't all of you new jack kids shut the fuck up or get a room. Talking shit, starting beef and name dropping on the internet - real cool. True big-man shit right there. Please... STLgraffitiPhotographer - thanks for doing your thing. Keep posting the flix!
  2. Big ups to all the REAL STL OG's. Amens, Hoax, Obces, Vatoe, Must, Acuse, Phers... All the old DFS'ers. Drifters.
  3. Sick thread! I've been waiting for this one. Thanks for posting the flix.
  4. R.I.P. Mane. I have many good memories of you coming through my hometown and leaving pieces that would forever inspire the toys and kings alike. Much respect to Mane's family, friends and crews. Please post more flix!
  5. Terrible news. Dare was a huge inspiration. RIP
  6. I never got to meet Bernie but I'm terribly upset to hear the sad news, regardless. Rest In Power OILER
  7. Rest In Peace. A true King and inspiration to many.
  8. I'm in. Who's buying plane tickets/ driving? I'll bring a destroyed liver.
  9. You son, sound like an idiot. You should try talking/typing like an educated human being before you worry about making buff proof ink...just my 2¢. P.S. Good luck with your science project.
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