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  1. Ahh, man. thats great.. Was that south bx?
  2. Always good shit, wall watcher!!
  3. Crew, Beer, Jameson, Sunburn, Blood and Broken Bones, Fishes, Fences and Firearms. Hotels, Motels, Pools, Mushrooms and Fire will always make for a great weekend.
  4. Some 914 history. Pace and that's Snipes S on the bottom right here. Pace and Snipe IRS. Good shit. I'm not sure about the others.
  5. Nice! EIO getting allot better!
  6. Fuck.. Is it really? Last time I saw it, it was un finished.
  7. Thanks for that bit of info, buddy ;) Hahahaa
  8. ^^^This guy likes Jick!^^^ lol
  9. My god. Thank You, Yearz!!! Anyone know who she is? I'm hoping a porn star..
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