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  1. Owner of sacred stitch is a real cool guy. Wishing him the best!
  2. This train took the COPE2 video! Ces made cope look pretty bad lol.. One of the best clean trains ever done!!
  3. Great info, as usual.. Found bodies there? I never heard that. Whats the story? Murder? Hit by train?
  4. If I am not mistaken, there was a Ryze (Boston) and Bel on that wakk as well.. Thanks for posting that, Fishtail!
  5. We looking at the same pic? It's a HIMS piece. Check it..
  6. Nigga ?? :rolleyes: Bump Dyrect and Jesse!
  7. Hahah. He said you are a cop!
  8. Key Wane Duel Trap Spone PM!!!! What book is that from?
  9. Damn!! Those Stak and Skuf tags too!!!
  10. FRESHCHESTER is Right!!! Bumpos!
  11. I was too lazy to post this from the nyc thread^^^Thanks!! You obvi saw the Anguish by Sien5?
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