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  1. Even though 95 percent of this stuff does not belong here, Im still giving you props! FOr this espc!! One of my fav pieces ever!!!
  2. Hahah awesome!! Sorry to bring it up, man!
  3. ^^I have some old Met Sneb Stet blackbbok stuff^ I'll Dig it up. I remember your throw-ups all along the hutch and 287 and ironically after what you said about your gf, I remember you doing her name pretty big on the horse trail lol.. Was it Janeanne or something lol??
  4. Since we're posting Halloween productions.......
  5. ^^^That's a sin^^^ It really is.
  6. Hand Panther! LMAO. Rapes dope as always! That Gaze came out SooOOooo goood! Bump Emit!
  7. Love the GF throws.. Good Pics! Keep scanning!
  8. COREROC!!!! That Bom5 is one of my all time favs as well!!
  9. from Wretched Dreams Of Redrum on flikr
  10. I agree, man! This photo and (I think you will agree) the Gaze on the tank! Mad Grill had that up on the bulletin board
  11. OMFG Im dying... Props, buddy!!!
  12. Yooo. I was going to do it, I swear!! Thank you for doing this. Great addition to the thread. Here it is a bit bigger..
  13. Hiki or Ski, on the look out...
  14. Hahaha!! I always respected your opinions here :) LOL rip ASP...
  15. Undercover! Thank you. I'll scan when I get it. I know exactly where it is.
  16. On the real though. Some history on this topic. Writing letters to magazines. We were reading an old Scribble not too long ago. TAK6 NWC from Westchester wrote in calling out/taunting TAK IMOK. Someone on here has the mag. Maybe he can be more specific :)
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