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  1. OMFG. I dont even know to say.. Keep talking on here, telling everyone who you are. You're going to have allot more problems than Jick making an example of you....
  2. Agreed. Fuucking morons...
  3. Close up of that last one? Jurnes one talented Mofo!!!
  5. Loving the old Emits!! Thanks for sharing. And Scribe! He's one of my fav artists. I cant get enough. So so talented..
  6. YeS, Sir. Same guy!! Awesome pic Conoli!!!
  7. Those are not fake pics. They are scaled subway tunnel and train replicas. The graff may not be 100% on point, but thething as a whole, is actually pretty damn amazing..
  8. Been outta the game for a minute, but still got all my contacts. I can find something to sit next to that Supra, on the street, no doubt.. ;)
  9. Agreed!!! Miss those stangs!
  10. LOL. Got the whole story!! Thanks!! Again, Props to Focus for sharing his flicks!
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