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  1. Did vet do this? Def a vet sketch. Some parts look executed by him, but overall, i dont know. Grave??
  2. I know - I know!! R U serious, dude?
  3. Hahahaha. Masterminding In progress!!
  4. ^^Honesty^^ I like that... People can tell you forever how dope your stuff is. IMO, you dont get better till people tell you how you can improve.. Challenge you..
  5. If I ever meet focus, I'm shakin his hand! Cant believe he has these flicks!!
  6. the XTC should give it away. the pic is a still from certain movie. cmon, guys..
  7. Came was cool dude! Def an IMOK orig head. So so underrated. Amazing throw ups and tags!! I have a few pics of some of his pieces. I will try to find them..
  8. Thanks for posting that video!
  9. Helping you out, Supreme :)
  10. ^^^^Pics or Didnt happen lol^^^
  11. LOL Never knew this was on that truck! Nice one!
  12. Someone had to say it! lol. All in all great photos though..
  13. Did Sub ever paint that? Or maybe something similar? I feel like he did..
  14. Here http://www.flickr.com/search/?s=int&d=taken-20110319-20110319&ct=3&mt=all&adv=1&w=all&q=super+moon&m=text
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