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  1. Yeah, thanks. My Mom was pissed.. HAhahha LMAO
  2. My Hustle on like Larry Flynt!! Bumps TVT!
  3. Def NOT Pellham to Portchester.. Think it starts at Harrison..
  4. Mast is a Jive Ass MoFo!! bump bump bumpity BUMP!!! try my above link again.. it works now..
  5. But I say, out with old and in with the new!!
  6. bump maJICK and MASTer!! and
  7. US caused tons of UN-necessary beef. None of them were good, I dont think they claimed to be. They were good at bombing and thats what they did...
  8. Agreed... Hudson line on smash!!
  9. ROSH AMPLITUDE!! Music would be nothing without MJ
  10. I would have said it like this:
  11. This is the only thing I saw among all of that big type BS.. lol
  12. My bad!! That was all from my head! I def saw the BZee
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