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  1. damn i would like to skate at a park that has nice graffiti and nice transitions like that one does
  2. hore is sick i was looking through a shoebox full of his flicks and i was in awe...his shit is always super clean....and has some of the dopest fills and hes only been writing for 2yrs
  3. fuck im beginning to wonder if quiting smoking weed is really worth it becauses its been a week now and i cant sleep for shit....ill lay down but i just get all restless and i toss and turn keeping me awake till 4 or so in the am then ill wake up after a few hours.....normally its not a problem but this last week its been rainy so i cant paint oooooooo its bullshit i hate it......i realize there is no point for this but oh well im bored
  4. africa has the most infected rate of people with aids at 1 out of 7
  5. shaving your balls sucks at first cause when the hair starts growing back it fucken makes you all sorts of itchy in the area but after while you get used to.....also the chicks really dig it when they go to lick your nuts....but yeah trimers are probably the safest way to do it..
  6. walking through the yards on a gray rainy day is great
  7. i dont believe in blackbooks....loose paper strawn about on my floor is great
  8. thats exactly what i was gonna say....
  9. fuck choosen whos better they both rock in their on way.....
  10. thats shade alright.....that dude is gangster
  11. does anyone remember the game Q-BERT for the OG nintendo....that shit was dope
  12. that esin is whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
  13. usually i dig mets shit but the m on that piece is junk...
  14. what kind of vans....the rowley xlt....those are fuckin comfy
  15. yeah i feel ya we did that shit a few years back and havent done it since that shit is real retarded
  16. Re: my grandma story burns all of yours thats exactly the type of shit i had when i was sick
  17. i've had diarrhea thats been just like water i was super sick and i was drinking alot of fluids and it turned my mass filled shit into water it was like pissing out of my ass it was crazy
  18. nice shit....ive never seen that nace that shit is bangin like a firecracker
  19. the GL2 is the cadillac but the XL1s is the mothafucking bentley word em up the XL1s
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