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  1. the whole post??? good shit
  2. i hope to god you are joking with your typing
  3. pretty much hit it on the nose
  4. no complaints here.... dont stop flickin
  5. i heard City of God was good Super Size Me was fucking dope
  6. sick flicks snafu asic mpower mber and the dirty solid colds
  7. im not laughing, im clapping.:dazed:
  8. how much is the maggggg? nice post(s) navy8 xide status next
  9. king---so simple yet sooo sick:king:
  10. fuck man....good shit tyboe xide and the clash cense navy8 asend and fat people!!!
  11. fuck man...i went to ttha yard and not too much good. kinda a waste of a drive...there was a fear on the inside, and complex e2e aura type thing, and a lotta streaks. oh well
  12. nice...that guy soer is from canada?
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