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  1. wait wait wait... you gave her 200 clams AFTER you broke up? break ups null and void and verbal agreement you may have once had. please tell me you at least liked/loved the girl enough to throw the 2 bills at her in an attempt to soften her up enough to get back together that must be some outlandish pussy
  2. here's a tricky one for you sara.... what give I give you at DYMK? hmmmmm
  3. yo... that shit was far from pixie. shit looked like what my hair would if it could grow out. speaking of the generators.... at like 1am I'm tanked as fuck, right. had to do the marathon 5 hour set when I was only slotted for an hour because everyone got arrested on the way to the venue. so I go to check how much gas there was left in the generator for the drum n bass tent... some dumb fucking raver comes up next to me and uses his LIGHTER to bring light on the situation. almost punched the fuck out of the dumb cunt this needs to turn into a "ye olde dahys of teh rahve" thread
  4. why you gotta play shit off, sara there's grip of pictures of you that I'm sure you'd be delighted to share with chan zero. class ones include earthtones 99 or 00... whatever... ms. day sporting the buzzed head and neon orange bikini top hahaha shit was live back in the day, minus the plur, pills, bullshit... blah blah. I think anyone who actually has an understanding ofearly rave culture could tell you that things were running. even if only on a musical tip. you had a whole brand new form of music being born and a subculture forming around it. how long had it been since something on that scale had happened?! the 70s raving is bunk today... but no one can deny that in the 90s, it was definitely something special to be a part of
  5. shit sounds/looks good.
  6. synaps


    the worst in when your old lady breaks down the prior evenings events and tells you about how you were doing some outlandish shit you would under normal circumstances never pull
  7. Fuck my name, who I beeeeeeeee Fuck the game, its all about the moneeeeeeeeeeyyyyy
  8. Feel free to buy our records plzkthnx :D 006 just dropped with Raidens remix of Future Prophecies 'illusions of time' and a SPL remix off Mufflers 'embrace' on the flip. http://www.disturbedrecordings.com Neurotic 001 should (finally) be out by the end of the year, too. Still trying to finalize some stuff, but maybe it'll be a Corrupt Souls or Glitch bit
  9. I know a thing or two about africans
  10. tennis balls. lots of tennis balls. that and other misc. shit my dog plays with
  11. synaps


    we got makros to answer a question or two a few years back. was the pinnicale of all things awesome
  12. I skimmed through this thread, so I'm not sure if this got brought up yet... but did anyone catch the exorcism of emily rose?
  13. I'm stil trying to decdide which was worse; saw or hostel. on a related note, I thought that land of the dead was pure awesomeness. it was (intentionally) the funniest horror flick I've seen in ages. classic shit, imo.
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