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  1. MR E

    uk wall flixs

    How did he spell one wrong. it says DISOE not disone. And don't bother replying because the last thing any thread needs is shit chatting. and as for spelling phoebe wrong. who cares?? the only reason i am not PMing this to you is cos it's not working...
  2. MR E

    uk wall flixs

    yo spray man is that your VFL flick? i grew up looking at those pieces shame it's been buffed and now got some unworthy chromes on it. bump that photo. Nocomprende - dis wants to know who you are. PM me. no point on filling the forum up with pointless slander.
  3. seeing as i'm confused as to what your talking about, probably not. sorry!
  4. i'll get a better shot of the second mira soon.
  5. just found this beauty off http://www.graffgirlz.com in the diva section, peace.
  6. bump bacon. any one know where i can find extensive art child flicks?
  7. too good for words, gunna post some shit up soon...
  8. http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/adicolor/c...didascom=uk&dL= watch the "partner video" live video of can2 painting and telling you how to achieve can2 freshness. check it out...
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