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  1. sorry, here is the link... http://ronpaulregistry.com
  2. Please sign this Declaration of Support and show the world that our support for Ron Paul is real. Here is the text of the declaration: I support Ron Paul because he opposes and would substantively change the following: • The WTO (World Trade Organization), NAFTA and CAFTA. These organizations threaten our National Sovereignty by placing domestic policy decisions in the hands of foreign agents. • The "Federal" Reserve. Despite it's name, the Federal Reserve is not a Federal agency (think FedEx). It is a privately owned corporation that manipulates the value of the U.S. dolla
  3. did you see rudy911's myspace page?! http://www.myspace.com/172332079
  4. watch the GOP debates this tuesday on CNN, and streaming live on the website. i hope rudy911 took his reading assignment. ron paul needs this. his attention seems to be dwindling since the first surge of interest following the NC debates. i am regrettably forced to listen to fox news radio at work all day, and anytime callers to rush and beck mention the honorable doctor, or even fucking tancredo (ish... but the point remains), they are instantly and rudely hung up on and written off as spammers. its so fucking obvious how powerful this man is, and how fucking scared the neo-cons are with thei
  5. Re: American WholeCar thread... hey asshole, get off 12oz and go pay your mortgage or something.
  6. post.


    love for eva!! i knew it! haha
  7. yes. today i really appreciate: shot of jack + guiness dryer sheets mad max pj harvey red vines krazy glue and yann tiersen piano music
  8. bagels and el pato or cholula.... yummy
  9. Will's been getting a lot of play lately.... and he deserves it. This man is a fucking genius. If you buy just one album of his, make it this one: Prince Billy - I see a Darkness http://users.bart.nl/~ljmeijer/oldham/pics/darkness.JPG'> I also own... Palace Bros. - There is no one what will take care of you Prince Billy - Master and eveyone Palace Music - Viva Last Blues Palace Music - Lost Blues Will Oldham - Black Rich Music Every album is so different and so fucking good love it love it love it
  10. aaaw where did it all go wrong? http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid56/p1e4718f2f9b91f6ef6f913a723153738/fc72e9d1.jpg'>
  11. drain bamage eats McDonalds! I saw her do it! i been hearing alot about the riblets lately.. but i really want another DB special wheat roast bbq sandwich yum yum!
  12. I didn't have TV... :( http://www.helsinki.fi/~mlinden/moomin.gif'>
  13. this little silver ring that my dad bought me somewhere in Arizona. It was super simple leaf design with one half of the leaf made out of turquoise and the other half was mother of pearl. I got that ring when I was 7 years old and wore it on my thumb at first, and then as I grew older it migrated all the way to my pinky finger. I had to get it repaired twice, but other than that, there wasn't a day that I didn't wear it in 9 years. I'm pretty sure that I took it off for a split second in a rest stop bathroom when I was 16 just to wash my hands and simply forgot it there. My poor finger still f
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