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  1. this thread has seen better days, but bump spring break.
  2. maybe reup is male seahorse and he needs his eggsack impregnated by a female so he can give assbirth?
  3. that drift and epic stand out.
  4. REEEEHORSE!-starfish and anemone eating a chinese abalone and other awesome vacation photo
  5. someone post those new spots i been seeing. gaps, dwal, uce, cme, etc got some nice new ones.
  6. if you mean that kids cartoon art sucks, i couldnt agree more. i hate that shit. i miss the old school styles, new shit is beyond bad.
  7. you just found the golden egg. there's 11 more floating around for now. be on the lookout!
  8. dogface

    OSH PT

    once again, i went on a trip, and the most out of the way, random spot i painted had a dope searius. every spot i paint in the cuts of the west coast, that dude finds it too.
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