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  1. if you like shit thats just freakishly bizarre and hilarious try "lair of the white worm".
  2. gd rules, but jam bands in general suck in my opinion. i just went to vegas and saw bob dylan and guns n roses. both were unbelievably good. further and fish and widespead panic, etc are fun shows to attend because of the drugs and art and women. the music? meh. granola funk express is ill though.
  3. this guys been doing some really cool shit lately. Zuawe from tulsa.
  4. whoah, what year was that?
  5. anyone got a close up of the one on the left?
  6. fuck yeah it does. that long production wall, where the fuck is that? unreal. aa and tci shit is ill as well.
  7. bump them oklahoma boys, shits ill.
  8. bump johnnie cochran and blatz.
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