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  1. saw this throw up the other day
  2. anyone have 90s flicks of the tagbang crew shoot to kil(stk)l?anyone remember the name of the main bomber in that crew? thanks.
  3. or walk by that shit shaking cans 10 times a night until they're over it.. a bat would probably work too. or a tazer.they had that shit in okc a few years back.
  4. that thing at hcc is mean. i can see katch, prime, estria and some bies fish and a eukarest character. anyone else work on it? the crown flowers are ill, and the ostrich feathers....so much killer detail.
  5. this and bump all the ill outta town shit in detroit. revok, rime, hims, pear, nekst, smash, etc. those dudes deserve respect wherever they go.
  6. is etch from detroit? heres one in hawaii.
  7. USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 10 (2 members and 8 guests) lurkers.
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