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  1. soooooo, you read the post but chose to disregard the part where I say this isn't my account? awesome. I'm pretty much a lurker too though, so, whatever.
  2. My buddy logged in on my comp, and it won't let me log out. I don't want to be "sekin".
  3. I know this is a little off the topic but you might be able to find something in this book called "Alternatives to the Peace Corp" published by an ngo out of San fran. It has lists of ngos and organizations that do that sort of work. I also have some information if people are looking to do work in South or Central America. I hope that helps
  4. Sekin

    INDY 500

    Bloomington has a pretty good scene from all I can tell. Exile kills it pretty hard and I like seeing his shit. But it still is a small town.
  5. Sekin


    glad to see some new Omni and as always Sae comes correct
  6. Sekin

    Local Yards?

    In Flames I e mailed you
  7. Sekin

    Local Yards?

    I don't know if you're talking about me, but I don't see that I have blown anything up that I have done. If I don't get it then help me, I came on here and read the information that I could so that I could get it.
  8. Sekin

    Local Yards?

    Good point, I'm not too worried because I haven't given any information about where the yard is. Thanks for the thread about keeping spots chill it's helped me out.
  9. Sekin

    Local Yards?

    I have been going to this yard that is stupid chill, I have hit a few cars there and I haven't had any problems but I never see any other cars that are painted there. I think that it might be a local yard but I don't know how I would be able to tell. Last night I saw a car from NYC but it didn't have any graf on it, and I caught one of the cars that I had done about a month ago and that was the first piece I had seen there. What do you think?
  10. Sekin


    I'm loving those Safe and Isto wholecars.
  11. I have the same problem, but I get jealous while I am in the relationship also about how she acts around other guys, little stuff that shouldn't matter gets to me. I asked someone this question once and they told me that jealousy is an attempt to control the other person, thats all I can say.
  12. He's from Denver, and he still paints on the regular. Love this guys stuff, style just oozes off all the stuff he does.
  13. sick post, love to see those O' clock
  14. Re: flicks I swear to god I have seen Jesse up in more cities than anyone else. New York, Austin, SF, Denver are the ones that come to mind
  15. Sekin


    I don't think that I can even count the number of crews that this guy has pushed. KD GOD FC TFP UA GU KGB RFC MPC OTB TNB FX... I'm probably missing a few to.
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