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  1. Just to let people know...the movie is going to be playing in Seattle beginning this Friday. Here's the info: BOMB THE SYSTEM OPENS IN SEATTLE FOR EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT THIS FRIDAY 6/24/05 'Grand Illusion Cinema' 1403 NE 50th Street Seattle WA 98105 206.523.3935 http://www.grandillusioncinema.org/ Producer Ben Rekhi will be in town to do a Q&A for the Premiere Screenings Friday Night.
  2. Bomb the System opens this Friday, May 27 in New York & LA. It should be running for at least a week, maybe longer. I'm not so sure about the LA info, but you can probably find out more on the website: www.bombthesystem.com In NY it's playing at the Cinema Village: www.cinemavillage.com
  3. Just a few off the top: Augustiner Helles - Germany Aventinus Weizenbock - Germany Schneiderweisse Hefe-weizen - German Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA Brooklyn Lager - classic standby Brooklyner Weissbock - best beer from Brooklyn Brewery, but its only available in the winter Pretty much any Bavarian beer (helles or hefeweizen) is guarranteed to be good: Augustiner, Lowenbrau, Paulanar, Spaten, Hacker Pschorr, Schneider Weisse, Hofbrau... Lately I'm really into IPA's and dunkelweizens. There's way too many to list.
  4. In 2000 Bush stole the election and Gore dropped the ball. In 2004 Bush won the election...the American people dropped the ball. 58 million people voted for Bush. I now have 58 million enemies in this country. I have no choice but to re-evaluate my relationship to the United States.
  5. Democrats too far left? Are you joking? The entire US political landscape exists on the right side of the spectrum. There is no real left in America. The Republicans are too far right. Check it out: www.politicalcompass.org
  6. This is really important information although Life After the Oil Crash is a bit of an alarmist website. You can get better information from some of the links on this blog: http://www.energypolitics.blogspot.com/ Also, even if "this has been posted about ten times" (and i don't think it has, since a 12oz. search for Peak Oil only returns this thread) it is important enough to be re-posted just because lots of people are sleeping on this info. It is certainly not true that "everyone who cares knows" because I'm constantly informing people about this who care but had no idea...most peopl
  7. Here are some Chinese beers, excluding TsingTao: Yanjing Beer Taiwan Beer (Taiwanese, technically not Chinese) Shanghi Beer Haizhu Ale
  8. Political Compass The Libertarian party falls in the lower right quadrant of the political compass. www.politicalcompass.org Personally, I'm not really down with it, but it's better than being for big government regardless of whether your economics are left or right. As for me on the political compass, I'm pretty far in the lower-left quadrant: Economic Left/Right: -7.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.38
  9. Bomb the System Nominated for Best First Feature in this year's Independent Spirit Awards: www.bombthesystem.com
  10. so, did anyone go see it last night?
  11. I'll definitely let my friend know what you thought. Your sincerity is appreciated.
  12. Just reminding you to buy your tickets for the upcoming screenings in NYC. Thursday, September 18th 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM Screen 1; Loews 34th Street Saturday, September 20th 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Screen 2; Loews 34th Street Call - 800.910.8722 to purchase tickets.
  13. As far as I know, New York & Greece are the only upcoming stops left for this film for a while. If a distributor picks it up, you'll eventually be able to see it on DVD, if not in a theatre near you. But here's how it works: If you live in or near NYC, buy a ticket for a lousy 10 bucks. It doesn't support the director financially (unless he wins the competition), but it does give his movie a bigger chance of getting picked up and eventually distributed. Extra incentive: 85% of the music is brand new from El-P...made just for the movie.
  14. http://www.konradprojects.net/sculpture/images/two_tons01.jpg'> http://www.konradprojects.net/sculpture/images/two_tons02.jpg'>
  15. Here is a review of the film from Variety magazine: Bomb the System by DAVID ROONEY A richly textured drama with an angry poetic edge that gets inside the obsessive subculture of New York graffiti artists, "Bomb the System" signals the arrival of a talented filmmaker in NYU film graduate Adam Bhala Lough.Displaying an incisive sense of place, an unaffected empathy for his impassioned characters, a kinetic visual style and a driving grasp of narrative and pacing, the 23-year-old writer-director provides a fascinating glimpse beneath the surface of the guerilla
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