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  1. deformatron


    yo hes good and his wordplay is interesting but i saw him in some video with busta rhymes and a buncha other dudes-dosent that sorta negate his whole, im underground and hard as fuck and da da da da ill kill you shit? same as seeing M1 from dead prez in that wack RnB video getting out of a lamborghini or whatevver that was. and a papoose is a native american pouch to carry around a baby, right? so why the fuck is he papoose?
  2. deformatron

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Ron Jeremy starred in...
  3. deformatron


    yo whos got a 59-60cm bike or just frame and fork with canti or v brake bosses they wanna sell me? im looking for a touring bike, or a cyclocross bike, or even a decent hybrid, preferably steel. i cant find shit anywhere. help me out.
  4. deformatron

    All religion is made up nonsense.

    SCIENTOLOGY ALIEN SOULS FLYING OUT A VOLCANO???????? when i was younger i can remember seeing those Dianetics commercials witt the exploding volcano jaun and being like, man that looks like a cool book! ill bet theres all types of shit about dinosuars and early man and mastodons and shit in it! then when i was older somebody said something about it being a self help pyramid scheme somehting or other and i was like ah fuck that shit. Then, just recently i found out some more about L Ron Hubbard and his beliefs, and Scientology, and now im sorta back to where i was when i was 11, thinking holy shit that book sounds kinda cool. Aliens and mind control and volcanos and explosions and consipiracy theories? i just hope theres pictures in it.
  5. deformatron

    All religion is made up nonsense.

    Oh and i figured id throw in the fact that i dont really give a shit what anyone anywhere does, says, or chooses to worship as long as its not affecting anybody else in a bad way, and likewise id never tell anybody that what i believe is the one truth or even right for that matter cause i aint that fuckin smart. but come on, scientology? ALIENS SOULS COMING OUT OF A VOLCANO.
  6. deformatron

    All religion is made up nonsense.

    For real. Most religions were made up (and i do mean made up, like a light bulb appeared over a dudes head and he was like, fuck yes, Scientology!) right? Religious scholars openly admit that sections of the Bible are contradictory, have been translated so many times that they have lost their meaning, or were just plain made up by the people writing it to suite the times. I was raised Catholic. I went through about 6 years of Sunday school. I cant say that i have ever in my life seen any kind of actual evidence of any major religion. Some would argue that thats the point, that believing requires faith. Others would argue that thats the beauty of religion: that it enforces and unprovable and therefore un attackable belief system used to keep certain people/kings/governments in power and or wealthy. Or am i just missing out on the real shit?
  7. deformatron

    The medical hot girls of 12oz

    whats that back dimples shit mean yo somebody who knows the deal hook it up hey dudes
  8. deformatron

    Dallas Benchin

    mad always comes correct
  9. deformatron

    Freight Train Graffiit

    fuck yeah, Pre on the cover- philly freights yall.
  10. deformatron

    ...And justice for all

    oh shit Steve Harris is chillin. and looks like lars gots the Shortest Straw. thats a fuckin great song. even to this day, i feel like all the best metal/hard rock/thrash/grind/anything heavy bands are influenced by early metallica, sometimes very directly. you can detune your guitar as much as you want, have as many guitar cabs behind you as you want, scream as loud as you want and youre probably not gonna get much heavier than shit like Iron Man, Angel of Death, and fucking Battery. those riffs play themselves, its like you cant play them and have them not be heavy as shit. and To Live Is to Die is a great song. that part in the middle where its the clean guitars by themselves is fuckin epic.
  11. deformatron

    weird bicycle accidents

    that shit about the pipe bomb sticker is just another example of post 9-11 wacko autoritarian paranoia. how first of all do you make a pipe bomb out of a bicycle comprised mostly of sealed steel tubing, and then if you were able to accomplish this, why would you then label said bomb so that anybody could tell thats what it was? then, when you figured out it was some bands name ( i always thought it was some anit-car crust punk slogan), why would you continue to try and give him any grief? and whos got a 60cm cross or touring bike or frame for me?
  12. deformatron

    weird bicycle accidents

    yo fuck a trackbike: youll get alot more use out of a decent road bike, or what im looking for which is a cyclocross or touring bike: something you can put fenders and big tires one with more powerfull brakes. ive been hit a number of times, none of them having been that bad, knock on wood. none of them were especially weird, although one time i did trash a 180 dollar front wheel and the fork it was attached to at probably 1.5 miles per hour. oh, and ive definitley seen and been in a few weird accidents while playing bike polo. mallet in the front spokes, over the handlebars, etc. an older racer guy did the scorpion fall where you come off your bike onto your stomach with your feet over the back of your head. dude got right up again like nothing had happened. WHOS GOT MY 60 CM CROSS BIKE!??!?!??!?!?!?!
  13. deformatron

    Mean Girls Talk

    i like where this is going. white keds and scrunchys for life.
  14. deformatron

    Mean Girls Talk

    learn the english language, my grandfather.
  15. deformatron

    live police chase

    shit aint workin, link it up dogz