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  1. this shit is gay..but it's funny that anyone would want to paint a wall with oxygen..hahahahaha..hahahahahahaha oh fuck...oxygen!hahaha the faces alone are fucking enough to keep you laughing for days. -82
  2. haha fools are always trying to talk shit on the internet...anyways..more causr man..that cat kills it..
  3. xmas is still a while away, hope you've got a birthday coming up! what the fuck happened to figuring it out for yourself? it worked for me and thousands of other writers. it might take longer, but you'll be a better writer for it. oh, and by the way, if the 'future of graffiti' is 3d pieces, overproduced legal walls and other irrelevant garbage, i quit Quoted post [/b] fucking right...or you can just buy mark ecko's game!
  5. Wilt TA

    VOLUME 2

    sorry..i don't want to watch rolling pieces that are wack as fuck...set to some typical graffiti song...since when did piece quality not matter?"honest benching" fuck that..show me a ton of dope shit..
  6. that fake piece is way fresh
  7. that fucking CAUSR piece is out of hand...damn.
  8. vyels has style for days...vor is sick...here's a few from the dirty
  10. Wilt TA

    jake smd-aod

    great thread ...this guy is dope.
  11. but this is 12oz...you have to have at least 12oz of weight right?
  12. word up to my man goose jones babay!
  13. who cares man..that shit is like white people with afros in the 70's..they'll look back and call themselves a faggot..let em live!
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