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  1. I miss my pitpull alot, their banned out here now.I miss my Sheppard Husky even more, his name was Nigguh he was the dopest dog EVER! I was offered a Seppard/Pitbull today but shes not trained very well and shes 3.I might get a cat.
  2. With a name like PorkChop your not fronting for the Azores? I'm wicked let down
  3. I fucking killed some spots this week,man i had a good time with my buddies from out of town.Last week I got 3 Fuqazi albums that i hadn't owned and it was a good week too,FUCK YEAH HOLLA!
  4. i just saw scat porn....why would people do that?
  5. i need to start looking at this site,i've never heard of it until month ago.....this shit so funny!
  6. I would fuck the shit out of that big girl!
  7. went to bed at 9 am this morning,back up with nothing to do....might roll out with crewmate and his lady but we'll see.MY CHICKS SICK AGAIN so i'm avoiding her.Working with kids is retarded shes been sick since she started this new school.
  8. I'm sort of fat so I've always used risers to stop the stress cracks.Check out http://www.friendlyskateboards.com good little company from my area,won't give out details on here but you can put them togather.
  9. i really need to start skating again.I miss it so much,those first days of warm weather in spring get my juices flowing.
  10. is it true this guy bites the heads of chickens befor he paints a peice?
  11. When dealing with bouncers,they almost always have a "no punch" policy.This means they will only react to your actions.If you are asked to leave and you get up and walk out,no problems.If you resist and touch the bouncer.They will react. I know 99% of them are douches and I never get along well with them but if they start to act out first,it's all game on.
  12. yeah dumy? your one to talk "He takes me profusely again with a grin on his face and invites me back to his home anytime. I left shortly there afterward and I've haven't seen them since. That old couple gave me a memory I'll never forget and hope they are still doing alright. so word, Tess..good job.." So was the old man as gentle the next time?
  13. post that dazem jam shits hawt!
  14. I was just on a road trip,so eating poutine,shitty food and staying up late inhaling paint fumes has left me feeling like a sack of shit.I need to detox for like a year.
  15. jessus christ, so much wrong in one post mog.
  16. yo panic attacks are fucking weak and ruin my whole day..........painting last was good but VERY VERY LATE
  17. yo hesh,I'm in my 20's still po pimp'n my ma's crip son!I'm debt like woah and I refuse to move in to an apartment unless IT'S mine.....fuck rent! my cars alot nicer then all your bikes BITCH
  18. I need a job inwhich I can work only sundays,and maybe friday nights. My earning income has been maxed,if I work anymore hours for my salary I'd be stupid! I could really use and extra 200 a month. I also can't go back to the warehouse job I had in college,I couldn't do it because it sucked and time has come for me to move WAYYYYYYY on.I really don't want to learn a new job though and I was reallllllllly good at that place.
  19. here are a few wesley. i cant stand when i post all that shit, then half the people cant even see the shit. wtf Quoted post WHY WOULD YOU GO OVER THAT DYER PEICE WITH THAT SHIT?
  20. I gotta work at 6 am Monday morning,I've been listening to the CROMAGS and hitting trains all weekend in this FUCKING HEAAAAAAAAAT.
  21. Yo that shits retard......"Hey in the name of art I'm going to recreate the Holocaust"
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