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  1. 1 hour ago, One Man Banned said:


    Last amp I got came with like 5 effects built in.  You can only run one at a time but it keeps me from wanting more.  I already have a wah wah.

    Don't plan on an amp ..but I'm going hard as fuck hunting and shopping on reverb for used gear.


    I grabbed this one after searching for about 3 months 

    Got this one last week because vocoders 



    Next up are



    I'll probably dip into distortion pedals at some point, but I have enough software for that and can't justify spending for shit I can outright create myself in native instruments reaktor or feed into xfer serum fx

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  2. 12 hours ago, LUGR said:

    is “make noodles” some new jack slang for tangling sprouts?

    She went her whole life expecting her spaghetti to just have a hint of tomato sauce flavor, and it turns out her boyfriend and most likely dad as well just gave her spaghetti with nothing on it instead of her wanting the spaghetti sauce mixed in and the rinsed off in the drain with a strainer..

  3. now i understand why people flip the fuck out at the post office...where the fuck is my boss groove dr 202 , and how the fuck you gonna say "No Access to Delivery Location" on the tracking thing but the boss sp 202 i bought 3 days later came before that and plopped right the fuck on the porch.



  4. On 3/9/2024 at 5:54 AM, T4M* said:




     They released sandland as a game and anime adaptation of the manga.

    He really was underappreciated for his machine and vehicular skills 

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  5. On 5/30/2024 at 1:17 PM, LUGR said:

    Remember Circuit City? Cool name like Radio Shack.


    Have you tried Guitar Center?

    i think im still banned from all circuit city locations  , and the only guitar center in wisconsin is like a 3 hour drive.


    theres a local music shop i try not to go to that much cause i end up throwing money at random ass shit like a boss dr-880 i dont need at all , but now i have it

  6. Behringer JT-4000 MICRO at amazon for $51.00

    i passed this over a fuckton of times cause i thought it was one of those weird novelty things , but it turns out its a mini JP-8000 Supersaw , Virus TI Hypersaw clone...virus and jp8000 is what basically made modern edm ..EDM

    the menu dive screen is straight trash , but you can control everything via midi.


    in short the supersaw of virus and jp made this banger




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