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  1. I swear, if GES would do a pure connection piece, I would send him a $1,000 check the day after I saw it. Hope you're doin' well bro, the work is forever styled.
  2. Bates style has changed more than Tease masturbates...
  3. All the same to you my friend, happy b-day. I'm celebrating my 21st here coming up. Cancers rock.
  4. Wow...great memories. I miss that regiment of Houston's graffiti scene...
  5. Cops have never been of any help to me what so ever. Seven hit and runs, four speeding tickets and multiple close-call chases later, I hate them all. Fuck any cop. If my house gets broken into, I'm not gonna call anyone but the insurance company, if even them. Renters insurance is your police on theft.
  6. Wow. I hope TOTEM2 sees this.
  7. Finally! Can't wait to catch some of those rail max trucks sittin near me...how sick is that gonna be when pieces hop off the rails onto the highways! You wanna talk about bad accidents happening after a "OH SHIT!" squeal from spotting some nice work sitting 3 feet from you out your car window.
  8. Whaddap fellas. I need to get some info on file swapping programs and I couldn't think of a better place to come for it. I'm upgrading my PC to Windows XP (ack.) and I've caught word that Kazaa doesn't work on XP...SO: I need a new file sharing program that WORKS. I fucking hate Soul Seek so don't even mention it; there's better ones out there. Macintosh actually has some good ones but as far as PC goes I've never found anything better than KazaaLite. What do you guys suggest and/or what are you using to get your mp3s and pirated software?
  9. Treasure your VIZIE catches cause that whole dynasty died out like South Vietnam. Nice spot on the OIL too.
  10. Fr8rokr: I delt with that shit for years. The only viable solution I know of is just to move. I switched states and multiplied my numbers by 20 just because of location. I used to have a balanced diet of almost everything and now I'm solely stuck on one thing because it's everywhere and a LOT less chill than anything else. Now I wonder how many scenes can say that...
  11. So who's for keeping the clean train thing on the downlow? The last place you want something like that is on a site like this. :o
  12. If you think paint mist "rinses off" then I bet you're not using Rusto. :crazy: Dumb joke.
  13. There's serveral perks to painting at night, at least for me. I can't paint in the daylight without feeling weird anymore. My reasoning is that 1.) Night time provides you with greater probablity of hiding without getting caught; 2.) There are less people out and about. If you leave your spot at 4am, you leave without anyone seeing your car, or you; 3.) Everything is more chill and relaxed. You can honestly calm down more, piece better and be on your way faster, in my opinon. If I'm out during the day and I hear a noise, I scope it out, but if it's at night time, there's less noises and even better, there's less of a chance that it's something significant so I spend less time checking out whats going on than I do painting and concentrating on my piece; 4.) Painting at night makes you a better writer, in terms of being able to paint and see your colors in the dark, fading colors and hitting your lines in one shot; 5.) It's more convienient for me with my lifestyle to go paint at night rather than during the day because I've just got too much shit going on to get out there when the sun is shining. So, yeah, the only drawback that I find for night time painting is that you can't get great flicks, just decent ones. So what's the perks of daytime painting? Dayflicks? Being able to see what you're doing? If your spot is chill enough that you can bust out some crazy steez during the day then rock on, paint the shit out of that spot and never take it for granted. If you're just gonna bomb trains during the day, act all hard and snag your pussy flicks, I hope you at least have a decent digital to go with your good idea, cause that shit is as good as gone anyway. And to war pigs: No kidding...I was doing day freights less than 2 years ago and that's just near impossible now, at least recently where I've been geographicly. 9/11 is my comfortable source for blame, but I'm sure there's more to it than that... *** And in what grade did I learn how to proof-read?
  14. This is why trains are getting harder to do. Take your mentality elsewhere, please.
  15. Seems like placing them on the door or around the front of the car would be an ideal solution as well. How often can you read the information from bewteen the lines without being right on it? Fr8otech made a good point on the timeline/logistics of it all. Floating the numbers and all over information would make me somewhat happy though. But I paint too big to avoid them all completely anyway. One of the reasons I began painting so large was to make going over stuff easier. I kinda like going around stuff too, but apparently not everyone does. ;)
  16. If that's MERZ doin' the EBONY name....yeah...he should have stuck with that. Anyone know him? Tell him to do more EBONY pieces. That one that made it into Scribble awhile back still wets my special spot. More EBONY.
  17. I miss the good ole days too. Back when you could roll by the Wall of Fame, see a sick VIZIE or NEXT or KAZE piece, and that would get you inspired enough to go try and do dayfreights all over the city before coming home at night and telling my parents that my day in Houston was "Fun." Yeah. Walking the lines during broad daylight with two cameras, one film and one digital, no one giving a shit that we were there and writing on everything. Houston was a great scene to come up in but...not so sure about now? Does anyone else miss the naivette of the common public? Used to be, you could paint anything in front of someone and they'd go, "Huh?" Now, you so much as walk toward a place of suspected graffiti and the cell comes out to phone the po's. Pssh. Fuck the public, fuck the cops. I wish we could turn back time too..graffiti used to be pretty cool...
  18. Man, you can talk all the shit you want to about SIGH but damn does he come correct.
  19. Hmmm. When people make eye contact with me I say something, depending on the nature of the eye contact. If it's a girl and she's hot I most definitely spin the other way and say hello. If it's a creepy mother fucker looking to see if my white ass is looking like I need a fix (I live right on crack street! WEE!) I put on a "No, go away." face and look away, sometimes briskfully picking up the pace. So anyway, I guess that's not normal, ya know, saying "Hi!" or "Nice day, ain't it?" Hmmmmm. I live in a bubble that smells kinda like vanilla and farts. I too suck at the internet.
  20. Yay again! Drunk and lookin to score.
  21. I don't know, some of those larger SUV's come close to the edges. Look at the inside of an open autorack next time, the tire rails are mad close to the edge of the car. Isn't the name of this game still "play it safe/careful" or am I becoming a philosophical dinosaur already? I realize common sense died around the same time black and white television did but come on... ......more bad advice from the most paranoid writer ever.
  22. Bottom line is this: When looking at a piece, can you look at it and say that almost everyone who sees it will respect it as they mutter "Damn." [or other equal words] under their breath? That's style.
  23. No way kid, 15 or 20 walmart silvers to my terrible recollection of knowledge..........
  24. He's a nice guy and y'all are being mean to him, those flicks suck ass! Not a good representation at all. Niggas know though, s'ok.
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