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    This shit has been around forever. It is meant for people who have disabilities (deaf, mute, hadicap people) That's why it's free. The operators have to say everything that you type, so it can get pretty funny. You can also have conversations with some of the operators themselves. Phonelsoers.org has some mildly funny recordings.
  2. I currently work for these guys: http://www.detoxforless.com, which is a reseller for Spectrum Labs, the worlds #1 detox retailer. Without sounding too cocky, I prolly know the most of anybody on these forums short of anybody who actually works in a testing lab. First off, don't follow any of these stupid DIY suggestions. At worst they will get you sick, and at best they will non give clear results on the test resulting them either making you take the test again, or getting a positive result (which is bad) for a masking agent. If you had more than 5 days to prepare, you could
  3. WISE


    Everyone I know who has bought that shit ends up throwing it away.
  4. That heartburn line is the same shit I use..works about 11% of the time. You ever see a tan red-head? I have, and it was good.
  5. I've net a bunch of people from the internet. None of them from 12oz. I used to be real big into IRC and shit like that. I've met the craziset mother fuckers on earth. First time I was like 15 and the guy I'm meeting calls me up to ask for directions. I ask him how will I know his car and he goes "the front end is a little dented" He pulls into my driveway about half an hour later, his car is crashed the fuck up and still smoking. There's another one of my buddies in the back who he came with who told me that the guy was downing 40s and tossing them out the window on the highway and
  6. WISE


    Of all the shit in cincy I'm feeling those CTA cats the most. I don't wanna see Cern do a When bite or timber draw a bunch of lines around an already too complex piece. That shit's cool if you're into that. I'm into some 13 yr olds who don't know shit about any graffiti scene, message boards, magazines, or DVDs. All they do is steal liquor from their dads, sneak porno mags to the tunnels, and paint their names up really sloppy. These guys prolly grew up on the same street...how cool is that? Reminds me of old FLO, with that basball cap? That shit was the jam.
  7. I won't lie, I watch this show and love it. It's got to be one of my fav. seasons to date. Melinda is bangin, but half of that is only because she a nympo and is always begggin for the cock. The hot brunette is under rated like whoa, I bet that Wes gets at it by the end of the show. He's persistent. Seriously, dude thinks he's got game because he has a camera crew following him around at bars. But he still can't pull shit. Look at all of his other roommates ragging on him. That shit is funny as hell. And that iraq girl? Always talking about the war and pooping in holes?! you were a nurse bi
  8. I got the taschen TERRYWORLD book. It's fun and nasty at the same time. I usually hide it when company comes over.
  9. I was just in chicago last weekend. My girl has a 1 bedroom place in Wrigleyville for $750. It's pretty nice and she likes it. I didn't see much graffiti while I was driving around....at all. Was I not looking hard enough or what? I did, however, see the bodyworks exhibit which was kinda ok. $0.02
  10. I'm not really feeling the song...or the video that much, but the set for Mario's "Let me love you" is pretty fresh.
  11. Last spring break I went to Accupulco and The Rascalz were staying in my hotel. Ibecame buddies with their manager who would always smoke me out and talk about how cool the USA is. the last night there my buddies went out w/ a bunch of fat girls, they all wanted to get boned but were too fat for any of us to hit it. Then we went to a rascalz after party where one of the rascals hit the fattest one because none of us would. I mean girl was BIG.
  12. I actually worked on this movie a little bit. Although they got new costumes, car, etc.... the whole deal is that it's supposed to align itself more with the comic book than the other movies did. The original movie artwork (poster, identity, etc..) was all taken from actual batman comic books. They looked much more like the image that High Priest posted than the official poster. It's a cool movie, but it's very comic book-esque...in the same way that punisher and catwoman were entertaining, but over-the-top.
  13. yeah, I copped the DVD of it. It's terrible. Watch the trailer, that about sums up all you need to see.
  14. The sub titles were incredibly annoying. Ok, I don't understand spanish so they needed to be there when they're speaking spanish. But not when he's speaking english. It's a cop out. If the only way you can get across a certain emotion is by flashing "ANGER" on the screen, then you're a shitty director. The text is suppose to stop after the title sequence.
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