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  1. Y'all know who i be http://err0neous.org/bone/galleries/promos/s-cvr2.jpg'> The Daze One M Bone
  2. is that your integra? vtec is straight, but its all about the rotary edited out of respect for the vtec
  3. yea im pretty sure it comes in like a tube or something, im surprised you never heard of it.....all though i could be refering to it incorrectly
  4. nah, anyhelp is good help dynamat was my thought at first, but then when tellin me about how he did a 95'...which in all essense is the same exact car only different year and colors but, what about that expanding foam shit, how does that work, just for the sake of knowing
  5. http://web.mit.edu/bball/www/media/stiffler.jpg'> "this thread is fucking awesome, yea doggie"
  6. i dont know much about seals and stuff...do i need some type of glue, or just pops on like around the doors and stuff
  7. thanks when, ima have to try that, your talking about just the part that goes around the edge of the trunk right....just get a thicker seal? and iquit, that does suck...a lot a lot a lot, id hate to have to be payin for a car i dont drive
  8. my boy had an older 626, he got rear ended and now i call it his 313 but yea i hope to have my *real* car by the summer if im lucky, otherwise no later than next year...i gotta get some damn credit first...no credit is worse than bad credit i sweart to god
  9. not when your a manly man but nah, i got it for 1600 bucks....i needed a car for school and work and 1600 for a 99 aint bad so i took the deal, trust me i dont want this car....but in all due time i will have me my 99 eclipse gst......oh yea
  10. haha the hip term, but nah i think fins/wings/spoilers look good if done tastefully, like a nice low wing with the 3rd break light, but um yea....anyway
  11. my shit def bangs, bandpass are the enclosed speakers with the air holes...loudest of all the boxes :) but i think ima try fuckin with the trunk balancer things see if maybe i can make the bigger than they should be putting pressure on the trunk thus disabaling the rattle http://www.4autovations.com/images/cars/neon/randyneon044.jpg'>
  12. that is the shit, seriously link that vid up...i cant check it cuz im at work, but im sure others would like to see it
  13. boxcars, i think you should go with an indash dvd/cd player, it would be much easier....also they have head rests that you can buy with the lcd allready mounted inside....incase you didnt know that allready
  14. its a bandpass box, and its just the trunk lid its self that rattles, no bumper no license plate, its a 99' neon, if i put pressure on the top, like sit on it, the rattling stops
  15. maybe one of you guys can help me, i got 2 12's powered by a rockford 900watt amp in my trunk, my trunk rattles so god damn much its not funny, standing outside the car all you hear is the trunk rattling rather than the base its self, what is the best way to deaden this shit, expanding foam, dynamat, foam strips??? any suggestions would be great, when you gotta know something :cool:
  16. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon8.gif'>http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon26.gif'>
  17. some nice crispy clean uptowns some nice dark blue jeans with the like lighter fading in the legs and a white t-shirt with a blue/grey logo (ecko, girbaud, enyce, ect) my gold bolova watch and thats that
  18. just noticed your a bone thug fan......your the man what flesh song is that on your winamp?
  19. j dot niggaz be hating the steez just because i was tease recognize the new j hollaback, nigga fuck you j dot
  20. i didnt really care i was only really just fuckin around, but i do agree that the cover art looks thrown together last minute :cool: and deto, them movies are dope son, recognize
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