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  1. someone find a screenshot of this on the internet and post it up, i wanna see what this talk is about
  2. calico's are my favorite type of cat....um name it pussy
  3. i dont recall seeing that specifically, but im sure it represents something religous of some sort
  4. i liked paycheck i seen it in the theaters when it first came out, the whole idea about seeing into the future was crazy and the only problem is i wish they got a hotter chick than uma therman for ben to fall for...shes :yuck:...the girl from van halsing...now theres a looker
  5. i seen the day after tomorrow the day before yesturday and i thought this movie was really good, i liked the fact that it was about 2 1/2 hours, made me feel i got my moneys worth, i didnt think the plot was all that lame either, reguardless the graphics are fuckin awesome as is the whole scenario.....im into shit like that though, anyway i think its worth the money
  6. now you too can put connect the cutty for you location but um what part of ct you staying at?
  7. yea the forum definetly broke down cuz i know there was more posts in this thread, but just to recap once again, my girl is doing a ok i was with her all weekend and she feels a lotbetter
  8. oooooh now i get what your saying, nah shes a knife woman herself http://www.nylon.net/warranty/knife.jpg'> ^her ex
  9. that made me laugh this is dazes girl we're talking about here, of couarse she got a nice rack..and an ass, shes 5'2" green eyes redish brown hair ~110lbs i only go out with the hottest of girls
  10. me, im 19....here we go with the robbing the craddle, stajatory rape, whats the matter cant get a girl your own age jokes (thats not directed towards you onesec)
  11. So I get a call this afternoon from my girl, shes in the hospital for a kidney infection, shes really scared becaues when she was 8 she had to have surgery done on her kindneys for a condition called "flexing", flexing is where your kidneys straighten them selves out for some reason ( instead of being that normal curved curved shape ), she also had to have surgery redone when she was 10, shes about to be 17 now and hasnt had a problem, her dr when she was 10 even signed a paper stating that the problem should be fixed and she wouldnt have to worry about it happening again....but shes in the hospital right now, she has to stay over night so the nurses can keep an eye on her and make sure shes going to be ok, she has an iv in her arm right now, a temp of about 101º (which isnt that bad considering she was admitted to the ER with a temp of 105.4º) and is all alone in the childrens ward, if i could be there with her right now i would be but no one is allowed in the room after 10 unless they are immeidiate family, im going to the hospital at 8a when vistors hours start, anyway im really scared for her, she has a troublesome life and this is the last thing she needs on top of it all, im not sure why im telling you guys this, its not really my style to get all personal like this with you people (no offense), i know none of you actaully really care care, but perhaps you can share your hospital stories about how things went down as me myself have never been in this sort of situation...for real now all joking aside, you people may or may not like me for what ever reason but this isnt reguarding me, its reguarding my 17 year old girlfriend who has allready undergone 2 surgerys for "flexing" that is stuck alone in her hospital bed with a fucking iv in her arm with some kind of medicinal drip
  12. i entered that contest to win the porshe through aol, but if i win im selling it and buying one of these... http://secure1advancedemedia.com/newportconvertible_com/graphics/cadillacnew.jpg'>
  13. personally, i dont see anyone here more elite than anyone else, everyone contributes and participates in this forum different than everyone else, for instance theres the people that post straight up 100 flick posts in brickslayers/metal heads and then theres people who post straight up everything they've ever drawn in paper chase, or the kids who stay steady up in the yard and 3rd rail trying to help the new to the game kids or just learn in general, and then theres the ones that post the political topics, the fun topics, the for the moment topics ect ect in ch 0, however i do agree that some people can just make threads about nothing and not get shit and thats just flat out stupid, as for the 12oz cliques, to me its just something fun, messin around not like a real seriouse ass crew and shit, ya know what im saying? for the 2nd part of your topic, i eat constantly too, im 150, 5'4" i am not fat by all means....im not skinny either....im actually pretty built...not ripped like abrercrombi jeans or nothing but i eat mcdonalds a lot and i can say im pretty buff
  14. thats one of the members that sing that song, baby bash or someshit i think
  15. hahahah i thought it was a doll too, and the centipede pick was my first thoughts as well
  16. ..just like the car... GAY!
  17. can god produce a rock so heavy not even he can lift it?
  18. i just see all that "please god help me" stuff as a figure of speach, to emphasize something that you want greatly, just ass blacks call each other nigger and dont mean it, we can say god and not mean it as well
  19. god must be a stalker, thats the only answer i can come up with abc but i strongly oppose the belief in god, gods, anything to that effect for that matter, as makros said i believe in my self, i give my self the power and ability to do what ever it is i do, i dont believe in fate/destiney either, we all are in control of our own lives, the ones who believe shit will just happen are the ones were nothing happens to them, you need to take action and control of your own life and stop believing that some omnipotent being is actually looking out for you, sarah from making the band said god touched her voice, bitch i will rip your vocal chords out...at least then you can say daze touched your voice and people will believe it
  20. hey onesec why dont you kiss your dog again, maybe youll get your retainer back, predator mouth
  21. look everybody its gay handjob, the kid who rode teases cock to achieve his user name lets all give him a hand....actually we prolly shouldnt :D
  22. after all the time that passed for you to come up with a comeback you bust out a crying smiley, you fuckin pussy
  23. ...or care to follow anything current as well, damn you dont need to be no hip hop guru to know what the word means...its pretty self explanitory, esspecially when the initial post in this thread used words like vintage, classic, and oldtimey to describe the meaning....oh wait thats prolly to mainstream as well....what the fuck people get out from under your rocks and join the world, seriously
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