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  1. 20 mill eh? not bad, almost as good as my 30 mil to come bust out my "stop it you dumb bitches, your exs are dissing you through songs, and just because you make a comback song dont mean shit, fuck!" my ex is getting 40 mil to make a comeback song to that one :rolleyes:
  2. ^seriously though, anyone know where i can buy the old transformer movies hot rod was sick though, driving around inside unicron fighting galvatron...fuckin a
  3. who the hell is copyright? and the roc emailed me too
  4. http://www.thegoldgrill.com/files/gold_teeth_dude.jpg'> "aight aight"
  5. hahaha, i will never forget the dawn of the slurpee coupon
  6. http://suescornerweb.com/news/news-old/020809/Clown%20College.jpg'> ^ thats a lie......i never even took my sats :o
  7. 310,000 oh yea baby drink up http://www.staticfiends.com/my_trip/got_milk.jpg'>
  8. http://www.boneyardproductions.net/images/DSC00017.jpg'> "aiyo lens, muh nigga, come chill wit ya boy and tell meh bout dat brittneh speuhs concert....we can get jaded too, knahmsayin playa"
  9. WRESTLING IS MAD NEKROISH I only like when the bitches wrestle....its like softcore porn almost
  10. it will actually, many a times, my aol, or winamp3 will get fucked up somehow and i just restore to the day before and im all gravy
  11. i just hate mustangs in general, no matter the year....cameros too, reguarldess though, that typer r aint gay
  12. ^ :lol: i dont care what anyone says but that shit was funny, this cat busted out with a midol picture and then tease busted out with the haterade logo, that shit was a dope comeback :lol:
  13. last dvd purchased: 2 fast 2 furious dvds owned: 2
  14. but then who would take the name tease, becaues we all wonk from that episode it is teaseS, your allowed to have one
  15. tease is going to be the next crew member i can feel it
  16. 30 points if she slept with the salesmen for the discount
  17. amen to that -- i too, have been in the market looking for some kind of head gear to finish off the outfit, so i understand your pain teaser, im feelin those beanie visor ones, for reals though, someone drop a website or something
  18. i think everyone has...or at least to some extent, but denting canned goods so when you can buy um discounted is were its at
  19. this can also be done with movie stubs
  20. http://memphisrap.com/community/modules/Gallery/gallery/artists/3rdNPark/show_3rdNParkSqu.jpg'> "yea, go lens go, beat that niggas ass!"
  21. yea, havent you seen malibus most wanted, pffffffffft :rolleyes:
  22. that show looks like its going to be pretty good actually, but um...reguardless of the person, i think itd be pretty cool to know someone whos on a reality show
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