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Everything posted by cmeup

  1. :shook: that shit is deep kid, like the ocean. subliminal messages like whooooooooooooa! on another note, youre signature is fanfuckingtastic.
  2. cmeup


    great movie indeed. my favorite part was how far into "religion" del toro was, and then how much it pissed him off towards the end... i was like "preach it brother preach it" :D
  3. dude, YOU are, whatever you SAY you are. we're not mad atcha.
  4. well shit yea!!! :lol: hahahaha, no im just fucking around, i dont give a fuck... what do you think? (dont answer that)
  5. see the post above yours... i was kidding. i mean for real people... think about it... why would i care about post #'s? IM MOTHER FUCKING TEASE for crying out loud. :lol:
  6. first off, bench this dick. :lol: jk... i was kidding about "upping my post #'s" just so you know... that shit means nothing to me, put me at -20,000 for all i care. /already famous. :lol:
  7. i might as well not come here then, because all people do is talk shit. :lol:
  8. player please! they're not getting a rise outta me, im just upping my post # trying to inform these dorks whats really mother fucking good! act like ya know god... and i looked for an online dominoes playing game as well, to no avail... :cool:
  9. suuuuuuuuuuuure, make jokes... everyone else is... :lol: whatever works!
  10. you guys and this "you need to get offline and get a life" bullshit... i do all kinds of shit during the day... today i was out and about all fucking day. i went to like 34 stores, trying to get some new shoes, dominoes and anything else i saw that i felt like buying. i was gone all fucking day. i bet i get out more than most of you retards, and im in better shape than most of you as well. /bring it mother fuckers. :rolleyes:
  11. :lol: maybe... but people dont really like me in real life either, so its not that big of a deal. /ha
  12. prove people wrong? for what? nobody here is going to change their views on me, especially when there is so many kids who still hate me, and talk shit to me no matter what i say, and in response i have to lower my standards and talk shit back in rebuttle... sure i could stop posting for a week, but whats the point of that? i like interacting and bullshitting with the fucktards on this board... you go somewhere for a week.
  13. good call... ;) (referring to iquit's post) on the for serious tip yall, this thread is a joke, seeking just wanted to make a thread that got over 500 views... :lol: :king:
  14. what the fuck ever, obviously youre not bright enough to see what im saying, so im done trying to explain it to you. you got to be the dumbest person alive to think that I talk shit and dont like when others talk shit back to me... WHAT FUCKING PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON? i have like 385631586315836518 haters on this board talking shit to me on a daily basis, and i handle it just fine. so where the fuck do you get off saying i cant take shit when its thrown my way? you FUCKING goober.
  15. its not really that im misinformed on the matter, because what i normally say in those has nothing to do with being informed on the topic at hand, i say shit like: "they should just all shoot themselves because the problem is never going to go away". now, this is retarded, but it doesnt mean that im misinformed, it just means im seeing a situation thats never going to resolve itself, and i voiced my opinion on it. whats so bad about that? skip over it if you disagree... or like someone else said, say why you think my opinion is wrong. (meaning, explain how you think the problem will resolve itself) ***about the he shoulda emailed me shit... instead of that, he could have just deleted the posts and not told me, i probally wouldnt have even known*** :lol:
  16. Re: *believe* no shit right? ive tried target and walmart, but the only dominoes they had were some gay ass kiddy kind with neon dots in fag colors... cant be pulling them out at a party, im not having it. :lol:
  17. modern distractions? the fuck you talking about? im not sour, im just having a really bad fucking day today thats all.
  18. if anyone wants to make a couple million dollars with the quickness, move to texas and sell dominoes... i cant find some normal ones for shit...
  19. shut the fuck up. youre missing the point. i dont mind people talking shit on me, or their opinions of me, i could give a fuck about what you guys think. im talking about him including that shit in his remarks towards me when he's trying to make a point, or inform me of something. he could have said: "Tease, us intelllects dont appreciate your bullshit comments in the serious political threads... dont post in them anymore, and if you do they'll be deleted. -seeking" but he cant do that, know why? because he's a fucking chump. he has to throw in some tease disses to get some response from the peanut gallery... (that would be you idiots) saying shit like "ohhhhh shit yo, seeking dissed tease! whooooooa, thats so funny what he said..." bla bla bla.
  20. im thinking about it.
  21. fuck yea its trendy. i hate the world, i hate people, i hate most of you fuckers on this fucking board, i hate everything. :(
  22. cmeup


    you dumb fuck, its called asking girls opinions, im just gathering input. im not going to do anything based off anyone's opinions, i can however listen to their input on the matter. i fucking hate you idiots.
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