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  1. I’m watching this show called Let’s Learn Japanese. It’s not working. Watashi wa Weapon X desu. Dozo yoroshiku. I’m supposed to dump this girl, but have been slacking on it. So she calls me to come out right around a couple of minutes after I get home. I say, “nah, I got a test tomorrow” and she say’s it’s cool, and that she’ll call me tomorrow. Then she calls me two minutes later, and says that “we need to talk for two seconds”. Excellent. She comes by with her friend and I approach the car which is parked on the street in front of my house. Her friend walks across the street to let us be alone. The girl dumps me, but I had smoked three huge spliffs, so I was all grinning and shit. I say that we should still be friends, and this girl is like “I’ll try but I need some time” type shit. So as I start walking back to my front door, I tell the girl’s friend “peace out”. She tells me to hold up; that she has something to say to me. I stop, she approaches (the two girls exchange words in Bulgarian) and then throws a mean right hook with two rings on her fist. I dodge it like I’m Peter Parker dodging Flash’s punches in the school scene in Spiderman. She starts kicking me and punching me in the back, but I was on the ball, ducking and dodging everything like I’m a kung-fu kid who doesn’t wanna fight. Then she throws some crazy ass karate kick that just narrowly misses my face. Woulda fucked up my grill for sure, which woulda sucked because I had court the next day. Anyway, I don’t get mad, just ask “what the fuck was that about”. The girl who dumped me has a smirk on her face and says “I swear I didn’t tell her to do that.” I swear, girls can’t stand it when they don’t break your heart. She knew she couldn’t get me to fall in love, so breaks it off. And when I was all high and grinning and shit, instead of begging for her back, she gets her friend to attack me. And while I’m still not mad, it’s eating them up inside. Either that, or Bulgarian chicks are crazy. :idea:
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