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  1. I've never heard of anyone being diagnosed with just "anxiety". Maybe social anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder, but not just that. Anyway, here is a step by step outline of what's going to happen to you from this point on: 1) The doctor will prescribe you with a benzodiazepine, probably Xanax or Klonopin. 2) Do you get addicted to things easily? Are you able to regulate your intake of substances? If not, skip to step 5. 3) You take the xanax for around 3-7 months as prescribed. 4) The xanax quits working due to tolerance. Skip to 6. 5) You take the xanax almost constantly for recreation and get lots of refills. 6) By this point you've developed a physical addiction. 7) You either realize this is a problem and quit taking the drugs, or continue. Skip to step 10 if you quit. 7) Your doctor increases your dose because your anxiety is no longer being managed by the .5mg 2x a day he originally prescribed. He increases your dosage to 1mg 2x a day and then to 2mg. 8) The very high doses quit doing enough to you, and you find yourself having more anxiety than when you started. 9) Do you trust your doctor anymore? (The only answer to this is no) 10) You go into severe physical withdrawl, most likely having a seizure or two. The withdrawl is horrible and lasts about 3 weeks. 11) There are more steps but none are much easier. Welcome to flavor country.
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