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Blind Dog's 2001 Holiday Video Out Now

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what A hoooooooooooooooooooooooot!


for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!






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Originally posted by woofwoof

Freights, Freights and more freights. Go ahead you can chant it. Here's a 30 minute video which should of been released in January. Here are some of the names featured in the first 10 minutes.....STRUT,UNO,BROKE,DEBT,CAMEO,SUG,ACT,WENO,WORMS,ICH,GRITS,SOE,AGES and ORCA, APART, COSOE,FILE,DIAR,SAZE,RAISE,RADE,TAKE,ZEN,AGRES,KUHR,MUCH,RIBS,DAKS,JBUE,HUSH,MBER,STEW,MINK,CREK,NORE,PHONE,ERUPTO,THEIFER,BEGER,KEPOS,SMASH,GOULS,CYCLE,WISE,BERN,KEPT,BIG 5, EYOR,EROS,DUT,SIGH.........and the list goes on


Just as much rolling footage as there is still footage, and I don't mean pictures. Oh yeah for you streak nuts there are some sketches in there as well but about 90% all aerosol.


Soundtrack hahahha features a litle something different. Like I said it's a holiday video so it follows that holiday theme HAHHAHAHH


AWRailfan, I think I might need to borrow the decoder ring with some of the stuff



One question that puzzles me do you paint or write????

Or are you a Henry Chalfant ???






email me at bleyenddog@hotmail.com for more info. Only 12oz regulars need contact me, I'll be conducting reference checks.

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Guest krowteN

I just got this video today. Its sick, great variety, certianly not the same ole same ole. Some good old faded LA pieces too. Definetly worth the 20. bucks.

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