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  1. The Pope Yesterday, 06:56 PM Post #38 Junior Member Group: Member Posts: 303 Joined: 13-December 02 Member ID: 22,759 reading is fundamental. so dont put me in the catagory of internet mogul like yourself. <!--QuoteBegin-TURBO DOG@Oct 29 2004, 02:05 AM oh and one more thing dude, i am an OG... Quoted post you are a NO-G. i dont know what you write so maybe you are an OG. all i know is i know i have seen this screen name ask and say shit that shouldnt be said on a public message board. and if you are an OG and you do shit like that then you are an OT (Original Toy) feel free to respond but i will not be near a computer again until next month.
  2. i dont visit 12oz much but i can honestly say these are the sickest shots i have ever seen....like ever. i like the shots better than most of the graff.
  3. isnt the OG Zen from RTM, TLT etc? Denz too. there can only be one DENZ! I guess your from Europe or just some wall fag and therefore you dont know any better. your excused.
  4. nigga please. as many times as you come on here asking where is so and so from, does so and so still write, or thats so and so, he's from this place. ease back nigga cause you do the same type of shit. quit trying to check fools like your some kind of OG.
  5. if you were getting "zinged" out every 10 minutes it would take you 3 days to finish one of those whole cars. i think your exadurating. you may not have a catwalk at your layup or yard, but c'mon. i ve seen too many yard and action fliks and videos from europe where they have these nice little platforms to stand on, as well the tunnels are lighted. when one of these fools paints a whole holy roller...which is probably the longest and tallest train in the world, i doubt they are done in the daytime...there are no lights, and the writers have to tote a huge ladder + an ass load of paint. and painting on a ladder is no cakewalk let me tell you. europe kids get theirs, no doubt about it..just setting the record straight. some american freight spots are chill, some europe train spots are chill....some are not...and some are not.
  6. bear in mind there are no convenient catwalks and lighted tunnels and a national security level that involves monitoring freight activity.
  7. The pope said: killerqueens reply was: maybe it will make more sense coming from someone who is well respected on the 12oz prophet message board. this seeking quote is out of context but it is applicable to this thread and of course, my point! questions the thinking writers on 12oz should be asking. why were these three writers chosen? Why is this fools name killerqueen? just so you know. the reigon where these guys are from has a rail police presence that investigates graffiti seriously. im not going to say any more cause then im just as bad as this suspect ass motherfucker. if you know like i know you would ban this motherfucker and close these threads. Be alert, look alive, and act like you know!
  8. this is a blatant testimony to your ignorance as a writer, which is akin to the ignorance of many who visit and post sensitive info on this board...as well as ask about shit that need not be asked on a public message board. “where is this guy from, what does his name mean, where does he paint etc. etc. (not that you asked that about this guy, but your mentality expressed above is what im taking issue with) no writer, or one with any sense, thinks they are super criminals or gangstas or that they are doing something that may warrant a federal investigation. however, graffiti is illegal. therefore law enforcement agencies around the country have people on the payroll to investigate crime, whether its petty crime or serious violent crime. what seems to continuously allude most people who subscribe to 12oz prophet is that while there is no substantial effort among law enforcement to investigate graffiti on a large scale (well i dont think there is, but then again I dont know) it does happen. there are cops and agencies who investigate graffiti, and message boards like this one are an orgy of evidence. so just because we are not raping little children or conspiring to distribute narcotics dosent mean no one is watching. this is not necessarily directed at you but to the larger 12 oz audience who is so naive and that they continuously give up info that can be damaging to certain writers in certain cities. i wonder if the writers who have been the subject of investigations, arrested, phones tapped, doors kicked, houses raided feel the same as the ones who take the "writers are not real criminals", or “its not that serious” approach.
  9. "Denver is like NYC in the 80's" oh yeah? where are the deceptacons? where are the ruthless crackheads who would take your life for a nickel? where are the destroyed subways? where is that smell piss, axle grease and spray paint that filled the subway, where is keith haring? where is canal st? where is sohozat? i grew up in NY and remember the 80s well. comparing denver to NY in the 1980s, 1880s or 2080s is absurd. I visited Denver once and all denver reminds me of is Denver. Just cause a couple of fools are getting up hardly makes it comparable NY. even cities where niggas kill shit like LA or Philly are not like NY. there is no city in the world like NY. not to be biased, but anyone who visits will tell you the same. you should re-name this thread, I wish denver was like NY in the 80s
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