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  1. Here's the name, I don't know what everyone else calls him but I know what I call him and have been calling him for years... "FAGMAN". I was using this in an online group several years ago as well. I can even go on to explain the meaning behing the name and why I call him that. WOW, it's been a while. What the hell am I doing here. So if you hear that name being used you know it's origin. OVER AND OUT. I'm glad there are these types out there. That's what makes the world go around. Nothing is perfect and there's always room for bad seeds. Any more questions email me directly at bleyenddog@hotmail.com.
  3. because some of these shots look real familiar
  4. P.S. I'll make it even more easier for you. Scan the images, send them to me if you can't figure out how to post em. I'll stamp the images for you and put them on a site that isn't going to give out red x's. Just don't send me work that just has a line right through it. Let's see the good stuff. And in regards to those who email me asking if I trade pics,etc,etc. I don't.
  5. Don't you know? That's how this site survives. Off a few of the same individuals posting pics and all the rest just saying "ooh ahhh" and others just "talking loud and saying nothing". Once again, delete all the lame ass comments, all the bullshit(the one word "bump" posts, those who just list names), drop all the posts created by people who just steal images from other sites and you'll find you got nada here. Who's going to follow my lead? ......still waiting for some publication to come out with a dissed section...please be sure to credit daddy WOOF WOOF for the idea. Does anybody else have any other images to share here? Anybody? Anbody? Bueler?
  6. because of The Mexican I've returned......... Still serving the dissed !@#$% "One day there will be one who will cap everything that he finds to be not worthy"(M. Martinez 2002).... It's just a matter of time before he steps forth
  7. oh yeah and props to Banned in the USA Excellent post Sixteen Vandals. Some people just don't understand. I present this simple question to all of you and please don't respond like many of you did with 16's. Just think abut it Take away... 1. All those who leech off other sites to get their pics to create a thread . The old "right click/save/post" method. and 2.Get rid of all the posts that just say "BUMP" and list the names of all their faves from that specific post How many individuals would you really have left posting here I wonder? Not many I bet.
  8. So you thought you could bury this thread deep into the recesses of this message board and pretend like it never existed. Tisk tisk tisk. That wasn't a very kind gesture. This f'ing thread goes to the top with fire my friends. 4000+ hits this deserves to be the first f'ing sticky in this section. Who agrees? You must of thought I forgot about it eh? I didn't! I'm back making my monthly house calls. Anybody catching any shit getting hacked up out there? I want to see it all and I know there are many others who feel the same. Bring on the bad as well as the good. We're not living in Mr. Rogers make believe world. Who's got any DRUGS panels dissed to counter this attack?.... and what's new in your neck of the woods? WOOF WOOF
  9. I'mmmmmm stiiiiilllllllll waaaaaaaaaaiting. HAHAHHAHA. Damn, all of you are people are looking but there isn't a soul posting images. People looking to see if they are falling victim eh? It's o.k. you can admit to it. Well I got another one for you from this weekends jaunt. Just waiting to see which 3 of you who have added to the 3270 hits for this post is going to put up the goods? I'm going to just keep watching as the numbers keep growing. And you all know the numbers don't go up unless you click on this post, so that means a hell of a lot of you are interested in seeing what the Blind Dog's going to put up next......HAHAHHAAH. Come on now brothers don't disappoint me. Like that dude says in the Adam Sandler movies..."you can do it"!!!!! Don't have a scanner but you got the pictures send em to me, I'll be more than happy to put em up for you. I'll even send them back to you if you send me the return postage. Come on now, you send me some good dissed shit I'll even send you back some nice flickies.HAHAHHAHAHA "I am he, the chosen one, the fallen angel watching you." Anybody out there who doesn't listen to the Hip Hop you don't Stop know the above one line of lyrics? I want to know the name of the song and the band. First line of the song. No guessing, you either know it or you don't.
  10. I find this to be unacceptable. I am outraged. All you out there and I'm the only one putting up pics. That's it, I'm not going to put up any more pictures until I see at least 3 others do the same as I've done. Get your fucking digital cameras or what ever else you are using and put them up, caught the two above the same day. I want to see signs of life here. What's your excuse? Bring me your dissed trains, all of em.... In the voice of Darth Sidious.
  11. You know when you see Blind Dog's name next to a post you know the pictures will be posted. You wanted more, so here you go. WOOF WOOF. The dog is in the house. For all those talking and not posting what's your excuse. If you got the pictures but don't have the scanner I can help , just send em to me and I'll send em right back and will post em for you. I post them as I see them. This is what you do when your old and grey on a Friday night. Damn, 1. this guy obviously doesn't know who Jase is 2. Must of thought this car was running way to long 3. Can't paint anything but a flat surface or 4. Just plain ignorant. Which one? This was done on the opposite panel. Any of you old timers remember what was underneath if anything? Old age is catching up to me, I can't remember and I never dig through the archives. Right over a MOTEVS. How do I know it was a MOTEVS?, well 1. you can still see the tag and 2. Check the pic below to see who was up on the other panel. ex. 1997. Does anyone really believe in peace and love on the rails? I don't. Who's going to help me out here. I know some of you got the digital. HAVE YOU ORDERED YOUR COPY OF BLIND DOG'S HOLIDAY "ALL FREIGHT" VIDEO YET? Do it today, contact Blind Dog at bleyenddog@hotmail.com Order today mention this post and ask for the 12oz discount. How does seeing this dissed work make you feel? Does it outrage you? Does it get you amped and make you just want to go out there and destroy everything that comes your way? Do you feel that it's nothing more than one can and should expect as a participant? Should toys get the cross out treatment for ruining a yard/layup forever, until they get the picture or until they apologize for their wrong doings? Does educating/talking to these younguns really put them on the right course? How should one discipline those that are responsible for ruining cars with tags and throwups that you had planned on painting, especially wrecking cars that are uncommon for your territory? Does inflicting bodily harm really solve the problem or only add to it? Should those with a "destroy all" mentality be allowed out there to roam wild? What's wrong with individuals/crews who have beefs with others taking it out on each others pieces? What would your plan of action be if you caught your car dissed by someone you don't even know? And for those out there ruining shit, leading me to continue adding pictures to this post I ask you this question. How does it feel ruining someone elses work? Is there an adrenalin rush that goes with this type of action? Aren't you worried that one of these days you might get caught and you get hurt because of your actions or are you one of those types who could care less? Can't we all just get along or does the act of destroying someone elses work just add to the fun? Talk amongst yourselves, I plan on having a sip of my coffee and will be back with some more pictures of dissed freights when I see them. Don't worry, everything is going to be o.k. We'll all just have a nice heart to heart discussion in a sensible manner on this matter. HAHAHAAHHAHA, yeah right Blind Dog...The Dr. Phil of Freights...WOOF WOOF Order Blind Dog's video today, don't delay.
  12. Dirty and Ink Junkie thanks for putting up a couple more images. I knew someone else had to be taking these kind of pictures. Any idea as to who that was up underneath? Anybody got the pictures prior to the diss? Keep the posts coming people.
  13. Damn, 800+hits later, 15 hours since it first was posted, 37 responses and only one additional individual posting some images. What's this saying? Maybe to many people spending to much time behind their computers checking out sites such as this one and or looking at magazines at Tower Records and not spending enough time by the tracks. The intention wasn't to start a war of words, all I wanted was to see some images of dissed worked. Anybody? I know I'm out there, if you are, you must be seeing this as well. I caugh the top two pics on the same line a couple weekends ago. Dig through you archives if you must. Grab your digital cameras and run out there today and report back with your findings, if just 50 of you went out today somebody would certainly come back with a single image. Maybe I'm going to start a new trend here and we'll start to see dissed freights popping up on websites and in magazines shortly, maybe entire sections devoted to nothing but dissed freights. Post the pictures people. Don't worry, I guarantee you I'll keep this post running-when ever you see my name next to this thread you'll know I'll have anothe image added. Only people who got an excuse are the ones with out the scanners and the ones lurking laughing at all this bullshit chatter. I know your out there. HAHAHHAHAAHAH. Come on now who's going to help me out and get this post jumping so people don't have to scroll through 25 posts to get to one picture? Let's turn this entire posts into all pics of dissed freights. My next post will be with picture, hopefully yours will be as well. Oh yeah, and be sure to post them only if their your own, don't take the credit for something that's not yours.
  14. Damn, I come back 2 hours late and 250+ hits but only 12 responses?-(at least Fr8Lover contributed) Is everybody in denial here? Trying 2 Go Wetfeet, I'm going to continue to post on this thread from here on out so be on the lookout, hope others do as well. You gotta give these people credit who are dissing shit that actually paint(eg. CAMEO above) because they are willing to lose pieces for their actions. Once again, they aren't crying at least they are taking action. O.K., how about if I make it a bit easier, we'll include any type of dissing of freights, skip on the worker action though. Anybody have any "graffiti slime destroyed" work to post? How about some cross outs that obliterate the entire piece? Anything? Anything? Bueller? Bueller? Here's one of my pictures from a couple posts back. Anybody got the shot prior to the bucket paint action?
  15. I think we'd all like to see pictures of this if this is the case. Doesn't mean anything to me if you don't have the proof, agreed? All these people looking and nobody responding hmmmmmm. A post such as this isn't going to stir up any problems. People who are getting dissed realize this already, and those that are responsible for such actions realize it's going to be seen, why else would they do it? You guys really don't think that everyone "coexists" peacefully without any sort of problems now do you? I guarantee you, I see this type of stuff on a regular basis so that means all the rest of you do as well. Nothing to be shy about out here. Post em up. Those who are singing Kumbya need not reply.
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