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  1. good answer fr8hound might buy them from you he is trying to prove something
  2. Hey I'll trade you an album of cattle for a copy of your video So then you would have 28 albums. Maybe you'll break a record. Never mind your video sucks ass, On the next one are you gonna talk 2.5 hours about how many albums you have. I cant wait
  3. Too bad there's no icon for trying hard the way you do fr8hound
  4. Hey black bird your fotos suck what happened you got tired of posting fotos that you blew people for? There's plenty of other gay writers that will mail you fotos. Fr8hound is one
  5. calm down guy you might lose count. Does that mean youre cool or a stat homo
  6. stupidest thread ever You dudes should just turn yourselves in.
  7. Dude i have his 411 i can get it to you so you can blow him
  8. Hey partner youre saying that because you bit him as well trust me you wasnt doing that style when your were sucking peso's dick in New mexico.
  9. I agree with you on that one partner
  10. That kodak kidd is a bite from zine one
  11. Hey stupid a whole car is t2b e2e get it right you idiot
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