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damn, fuck an overdose

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  • 1 month later...

i havent been on here for a while and i would like to say thanks for the positive thoughts. Nick unfortunately passed a couple days after i started this thread.


a good friend of the both of ours said to me after his passing, "Nick only wanted to have a good time and he made sure everyone around him did as well" which was 100, hed spend his last dollar to get you a beer.


rip homie

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sorry did not read thread, except first couple posts, I grew up in dope houses since 1985, till 2001. shooting galleries, hoes, whores, old school welfare check dollars for rent, my pops had 7 houses, I didn't have one fucking bedroom my whole life, real spit.


fuck heroin. fuck dope period. I do not judge my brothers and sisters that struggle, but at the same time, we all from the 80's for the most part, fuck out of here. you smoke rock, you shot that that's that shit, you're a fucking idiot. and yet I just lost back to back last feb one of my best friends, and my brother, one of our own, tom1hsbia detroit. it is what it is. none of us are any better than any of them. we are all human, but fuck if I think you're a fucking idiot to do dope. rest in paradise niggas.



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Real talk this drug has ruined almost 5 years of my life. I've lost the woman I love, just recently, because she just can't trust me. I mean this girl is my soul mate and I hurt everyday knowing that its my fault she can't be with me. It kills me inside. I have about 2 weeks clean and I never wanna pick up again. For some reason seeing my friends pass just sent me deeper into it. I have literally nothing, it's all been sold or traded for drug debts. Every pay check spent on dope. It's no way to live life. I'm just happy to be alive for today I guess. I'm scared that I will pick up sometimes, I fight a battle in my head everyday. Sometimes I used, but I always regretted it after. Always. This shit is killing our generation...if anyone is struggling please get yourself some help. Learn from my mistakes. Talk to me, reach out. I can be your best friend if you need me to and are struggling. I've lost it all so you don't have to! This is not directed at anyone in particular..just anyone who needs help with any addiction. Fuck dope is right. Fuck drugs period. Except weed really but let's not get into all that. I don't believe in god but I pray anyways. Just for forgiveness.

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Stay up peanut. Congratulations on your sobriety. I can feel what you say about prayer and faith.. Myself, I used to keep my head down now I look up if you get my drift. Trust your struggle, you know the right way to go WITHIN. 1 day at a time.




^^for anyone struggling / wants to talk / vent / whatever

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Good looks yard. This guy fucking gets it btw. Fighting for my fuckin life at this point. Sick and tired of being sick and tired right?

go paint ! go paint ! go paint ! first step to being clean is WANTING to change my man, if YOU don't want to kick then you're not going to. 2 weeks is a long time tho so you're on the right track.


Ive never fucked with H but I kicked roxies after banging like 150mg a day for 2 years.

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