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  1. OnTheRaills


    on deckalreadddy
  2. OnTheRaills

    Wash DC

    on the roll
  3. OnTheRaills

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    That dude's still going hard as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk
  4. OnTheRaills

    damn, fuck an overdose

    go paint ! go paint ! go paint ! first step to being clean is WANTING to change my man, if YOU don't want to kick then you're not going to. 2 weeks is a long time tho so you're on the right track. Ive never fucked with H but I kicked roxies after banging like 150mg a day for 2 years.
  5. OnTheRaills

    Cuffed on Easter for painting

    I went and painted like mid day on easter too...wierd You're lucky the cops didn't care about your sketches or anything tho m8 you're lucky they were just blue and whites tho, or like regular on the beat street cops.
  6. OnTheRaills

    BITER thread!

    Makes me wonder why someone would photograph there dog pissing....lol
  7. OnTheRaills

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    time to get a new name toy.
  8. OnTheRaills

    Ugly Purple Stuff...

  9. OnTheRaills

    ----->Late 80's / Early 90's Hiphop - The Lesser Heard<-----

    soulds of mischief - cab fare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfRWA_FukXg
  10. OnTheRaills


    that's wierd... i farted when i was reading his post.
  11. OnTheRaills

    Spray Paint

    I rack the silvers all the time, there in like a beighe goldish colored can but the blue cans are garbage man i feel u
  12. OnTheRaills

    BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF Official Thread.

    Nah i just thought that the tosses look alot alike. Anyways man alot of people incorperate hearts into tags and throwies and pieces who cares if it's femenine why are writers so homophobic lol
  13. OnTheRaills


    doctor who ?
  14. OnTheRaills


    sorry if i jacked your photo haha everything i post is hijacked