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i hate the government ...

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coming to a town near you ...gestapo !!!!!! love it ..everytime they pass a law in congress and the president signs it .your FREEDOMS are being taken away !!!! we WERE the government ..now its an obsticle in our daily lives ..

i will update myself on things i find interesting

you can too ..but this is for the haters of the government ..dont come in here trying to sell me some social program the government is gonna throw at us ..

Right or Left .. were screwed ...

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suck it ...you sit around watch .. i <3 my contry and were getting walked on by politicians and bureaucrat's

bureaucracy :



administrative system, especially in a government, that divides work into specific categories carried out by special departments of nonelected officials


officials collectively: the nonelected officials of an organization or department



state or organization: a state or organization operated by a hierarchy of paid officials


frustrating rules: complex rules and regulations applied rigidly


keep your mind open

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also to the dude that started this thread your a selfish idiot, America has so many poor disadvantaged people that need social programmes to help them

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