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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
Starting up an old thread, im not the best but lets bring back the goods.






^ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: look at this toy ass shit. cant believe this is the kid who be gettin smart with me


you need to shut your mouth kid and learn some respect

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no reason to start the thread with a gang of shit talking. Oh and this cat is pissed because he was talking shit in threads so i told him to go out and do something better if it makes you mad. Never said i was the best, so i don't complain.

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kid, you tried dissin me in the retarded spots thread, cause i said shit wasnt retarded, and you said the same fuckin thing one page ahead of me. but when i say it you gonna talk shit?

I have done and will do more retarded spots than the ones they had, and you aint done shit, put in zero work, so you wanna tell me to do better or shut up? take your own advice you fuckin toy

again, i comment on cleveland toys not bein able to do proper roof tops. you talked shit, so you gonna go do a rooftop better than me? or those toys? nah, cause you cant


seems to me you talk too much shit for a kid that doesnt even write graffiti. roll on fan boy, you will never be a bigger part of this game than a cheerleader on the sidelines

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Bonjangles if you would please attmept to keep this thread on the livid, i dont think anyone minded the old ohio thread and i would enjoy somewhere to get feedback. feel free to delete the shittalks and work not worth looking at. Holla.


Edit: dont quote the shitty work so we have to look at it twice KTHNX DOGGY

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